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Home Town's Erin Napier Went Viral After Sharing Oh-So-Relatable Post Of Her Husband, Ben

HGTV stars Ben and Erin Napier have seen a rapid rise to fame because of their hit home renovation series, Home Town, over the past five seasons. With all of the love that the married co-hosts get because of their redesigned homes and many things in their personal lives, though, because of their greatly increased public profile, they also get a lot of negativity thrown their way. It's good, then, that with Erin Napier recently going viral with a post about Ben, that a lot of people are chiming in to talk about how relatable her post really was.

Erin Napier has been very active on social media, both to help promote the renovation show she has with her husband, Ben, and to show fans a bit of their at-home life when the Home Town cameras aren't on them and their two young children. The Napiers recently added second daughter, Mae, to the family on May 28, and with a newborn in the house, one can likely assume that sleep is now in limited supply for the parents. Napier's recent Instagram post of Ben, then, is one that struck a chord with a lot of parents, and led to the post going viral. Take a look!

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Well, that is...just ridiculous. If you watch Home Town, it's obvious that Ben Napier is a big guy, but from how he managed to fall asleep while barely letting the couch support his full body, it would seem that the item might not even be long enough to do so. It's also pretty clear why this post, and Napier's caption of "sleep when the baby sleeps," has resonated with a lot of parents, as that's what a lot of advice suggests those with newborns try to do, so that they can also get some rest.

And, as you will be able to tell from a number of comments, the Napiers' fans really felt this moment deep in their parental bones:

Best advice my mom gave me.Seems he has mastered that!Oh I remember those days well!This photo IS parenthood.Why is that always so easy for the dads??More like “sleep HOW the baby sleeps!”Does he wake up and say “ I wasn’t sleeping” like mine does? LolModern Art. I feel like someone needs to turn this into a painting.

There are literally over a thousand comments on Erin Napier's post featuring a fast-asleep Ben, and many of them echo the sentiments above. Not only is the fact that new parents tend to be quite sleep deprived no mere myth, as many people experience it, but a lot of people seem to agree that trying to get some Z's in as your baby does is probably the best option for many. Though, I do like how several commenters (as one noted above) pointed out that Erin didn't appear to be able to take the advice to heart, as she was, seemingly, the one who snapped the photo.

Let's all hope that Erin and Ben Napier are both getting plenty of chances to score some prime shut eye as little Mae rests her weary baby body, because I'm sure they both need it.

Home Town Season 6 hasn't been announced by HGTV yet, but while we wait, know that you can stream all of their shows on Discovery+, and be sure to check out our 2021 summer TV schedule and the 2021 fall TV premiere dates!

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