Home Town's Erin And Ben Napier Reveal The Touching Reason They Decided To Have Baby #2

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Erin and Ben Napier are pretty much beloved among people who enjoy watching home renovation shows, as the duo host their own immensely popular series, Home Town, from their city of Laurel, Mississippi. The couple, and Erin Napier especially, has been very open on social media about wanting to give their young daughter, Helen, as normal of an upbringing as possible considering the family's growing fame. Now, though, Napier has revealed that she and Ben are expecting a second child, and has spoken up about the touching reason why they decided to have another baby.

Erin Napier is known for her sunny disposition on Home Town as she and her husband encounter all kinds of renovation and design challenges for their clients, but the HGTV star has been very vocal about protecting their daughter from trolls, and shielding the 3-year-old girl's privacy as much as they can. Now that the designer has revealed the impending arrival of another little girl for her family, though, she's also spoken about why she and Ben felt it was important to try and have another baby, and a lot of it has to do with Helen. Here's part of what Napier posted to Instagram:

Last spring, I put away the changing table supplies because I no longer had an infant. I put it away in the guest room closet and then I cried because I thought how lonesome Helen must feel up there in her crib beside an empty room every night. A few weeks later, I watched my daddy and his brother standing at my grandmother’s graveside. Two men with many differences strengthened each other. Two men who knew her better than any of us ever could. Siblings do that, they know and remember and keep the stories of a family alive. And we wanted that for Helen. Someone to stand with her when we can’t someday.

Wow. That is an aspect of having siblings which I never really thought of before, and the way Erin Napier expressed it truly is touching and does a lot to explain why she and Ben wanted to have another baby. The choice seems to have been completely driven by the desire to make sure that Helen would have someone else to help her out in hard times, especially for occasions when her mom and dad can't be there to support her.

The news that Erin Napier is expecting probably doesn't come as a complete shock to some fans. It was just back in October that the HGTV host had to shut down pregnancy rumors after she posted a photo of herself wearing less-than-fitted clothing. While it sounds like Napier was, indeed, already expecting at the time (as she noted in her Instagram post that the baby will be coming "in just a few weeks"), it prompted her to talk about how personal the decision is to have kids, and how "it's really weird and unnecessary" for people to constantly talk about women's reproductive situations and choices.

You can see Napier's full post, below:

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It's clear that Erin and Ben Napier put a lot of care and thought into their decision to have another child, and you can probably be sure that Erin will be just as committed to protecting this baby from the darker side of fame as she has been with Helen.

Home Town Season 5 airs Sundays on HGTV, at 8 p.m. EST.

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