Of Course, Candace Cameron Bure Had An A+ Full House Response To Hitting An Instagram Milestone

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Social media and follower counts have become increasingly important in the eyes of Hollywood and the media. So, when certain milestones are reached on platforms such as Twitter and Instagram, it’s a cause for celebration. That’s exactly what Fuller House and Hallmark star Candace Cameron Bure did on Instagram. But, the post was capped off with a Full House response from Cameron Bure after hitting her Instagram milestone.

Like many users, the Fuller House alum had cause for celebration regarding her follower count on Instagram. Candace Cameron Bure hit a huge social media milestone by reaching 5 million followers on the platform. Of course, she had to pull out a Fuller House reference. The actress said about reaching this huge achievement on Instagram:

1..2..3..4...5MILLION FOLLOWERS!! Oh my lanta. I love that I have all of YOU on this journey with me, thank you for following along!

Cameron Bure’s Fuller House reference was spot on in celebrating her social media landmark. The actress’s caption would’ve made D.J. (Tanner) Fuller proud. Of course, D.J. would’ve done a whole musical number involving the family, balloons and wait for it…banners. Besides that, Candace Cameron Bure seemed very appreciative of the followers who help her account to reach such a huge number. As the Full House alum pointed out, her Instagram journey has been filled with many struggles and rewards.

Candace Cameron Bure has experienced both the love and scorn of Instagram followers. The actress has received backlash on multiple occasions, from the controversial boob grab to who she follows with her account. On the other hand, Cameron Bure has seen the lighter side, including a sweet exchange with former co-star John Stamos and revealing how she met her husband of 25 years. But, the Hallmark star has witnessed the darker side of social media, as she saw the hate her daughter has received.

Cameron Bure still wasn’t deterred from exhibiting her life on social media, and had to combat people’s perceptions of her. But, there’s so much more to the Full House alum hitting the 5 million milestone. To see Candace Cameron Bure dance to “Mambo No. 5,” check out the Hallmark queen’s full Instagram post below:

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It was nice to see Candace Cameron Bure taking this event in stride. Of course, the balloons, streamers and her party blower were signature D.J. Fuller. The only thing missing was a banner to truly capture the moment. Maybe she will continue to make every effort to impress once she hits 6 million on the social media site.

Hopefully, the Full House star will continue to go after online trolls when she isn’t busy. Of course, Candace Cameron Bure will be busy, as one of the Hallmark movie stars who has a few projects lined up for this year.

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