A-Rod Continues Run Of Popping Up In JLo’s Life Thanks To Birthday Post

I don't know if any of us could have predicted, when Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez ended their engagement back in April after two years (and about four total years together) that the former couple would continue to circle each other in such odd ways immediately after the breakup heard around the world. Now, A-Rod has continued his impressive run of popping up in JLo's life, because of a birthday post that actually had nothing to do with him.

Actor / singer / dancer extraordinaire Jennifer Lopez turned 52 recently, and her younger sister, Lynda Lopez, took to Instagram in order to wish her "original BFF" a very happy birthday, and say a lot of lovely things about her. While it might seem as though there's no way that this could have anything to do with JLo's ex-fiancé, A-Rod, he absolutely did manage to insert himself into the conversation in a sorta covert way, which he must have known that someone would eventually notice: He liked the post on Instagram.

Take a look at the post from Lynda Lopez, and we can discuss more after:

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First of all, this is truly a very sweet post from Lynda Lopez to JLo. But, now that we know Alex Rodriguez (who, apparently, still follows Jennifer's sister on the platform) added his two cents to this birthday post by liking it, I'm sure a lot of people are wondering what's going on.

As fans will likely know, Jennifer Lopez jumped right back into the dating game by renewing her romance with another ex-fiancé, Ben Affleck, just a few weeks after her split from Alex Rodriguez. But, A-Rod has still been popping into JLo's life since the break up. In the past few months, not only has he posted on social media about hanging out with his own ex-wife after all of the interest in Bennifer 2.0 began to mount, he also recently moved into a rental property near the Lopez manse in the Hamptons.

Even more recently (like, this month), A-Rod playfully admitted to being disappointed at not being invited to a big celebrity bash that JLo attended. And, even more oddly, both halves of the former supercouple decided to enjoy some birthday celebrations on separate yachts in St. Tropez, France.

I don't know how you're looking at all of this, but I'm starting to think Alex Rodriguez might be in need of a Jennifer Lopez-centric intervention of some sort.

Even easy break ups are never truly easy, and the split of JLo and A-Rod came amidst allegations that he cheated with reality star Madison Lecroy of Southern Charm fame. Could all of this be A-Rod's way of trying to get back together with Lopez? He certainly picked a very JLo-appreciative post to like. Is that his way of trying to let his ex know that her sister's comments about her echo his own thoughts, even though JLo seems to have moved on quite happily and not be interested in thinking about him any more?

My guess on that is just as good as yours, and as JLo continues to gleefully enjoy her reunion with Ben Affleck, we'll see if A-Rod moves on, or continues finding ways to pop back into her glittering orbit.

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