Southern Charm's Madison LeCroy Reflects On Those A-Rod Rumors After J.Lo and Ben Affleck's Recoupling

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It seems everyone and their mother is captivated by the reignited romance between Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck. They’ve been spotted together several times, to the delight of old Bennifer fans, colleagues, and close friends alike. Someone else has some thoughts on the recoupling, too – none other than Southern Charm’s Madison LeCroy, who was accused of cheating with JLo’s ex-fiancé, A-Rod, earlier this year. The reality star spoke quite candidly on Bennifer 2.0 and how it may or may not have to do with her and those A-Rod rumors.

Prior to the announcement of Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez’s split in April, rumors were swirling that their relationship was on the rocks. During the Season 7 Southern Charm reunion special, Craig Conover accused co-star Madison LeCroy of sleeping around with a MLB player, who was later singled out as A-Rod. The tables are now turned, though, with JLo seemingly finding love again rather quickly – with former fiancé Ben Affleck. When asked about the Bennifer reunion by US Weekly, LeCroy jokingly quipped:

I say you’re welcome.

Madison LeCroy’s comment was clearly meant as a joke, but it also seemingly confirmed that she had some part to play in Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck’s recoupling. It suggests that if LeCroy’s alleged contact with A-Rod hadn’t prompted his breakup with JLo, then she wouldn’t be with Affleck now. But the Southern Charm star went on to clarify that she doesn’t truly believe that, saying:

I mean, I will be honest with you. I had nothing to do with why they split, and I think everybody knows that. And if you don’t know that, then that’s just ridiculous, like, let’s be honest.

After the Southern Charm reunion that initiated the cheating allegations, Madison LeCroy would confirm that she facetimed with A-Rod but that nothing else happened between them. However, it seemed to do some kind of damage to JLo and A-Rod’s relationship, with reports indicating that the two broke up and got back together within the space of a weekend. Later on, JLo and A-Rod would be spotted locking lips in the Dominican Republic, where JLo was busy filming Shotgun Wedding.

Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez would eventually make the break permanent, saying in their joint statement they were "better as friends." Cut to a few weeks later, and JLo was seen again with Ben Affleck, manifesting all our early 2000s hopes and dreams. Madison LeCroy is moving on, too. She’s dating a new guy and has no qualms about potentially addressing the A-Rod rumors further in the next season of Southern Charm. She said:

I’m happy to tell my story. If I’m asked the questions, yes, I will tell the truth. I will say this – the reason why I’m not bothered is because I’m innocent in that sense.

So in summary, JLo is seemingly back with her ex. A-Rod is posting on Instagram with his ex. Madison LeCroy will potentially be filming with her ex (Austin Kroll) for Southern Charm, and talking about A-Rod – again. It’s a neverending story of exes, that’s for sure.

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