After Paris Hilton Pregnancy Rumors Swirl, The Reality Star Has A Great Response

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A lot of people are beyond obsessed with celebrities and their assorted relationships at varying stages. And, while it's pretty natural to have at least a passing interest in how Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are handing their divorce, or how the rekindled romance between Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck makes their many friends and family members feel, we also tend to think a lot about which famous folk are may or may not be in the process of procreating. Well, not long after word began to spread that the former star of The Simple Life, Paris Hilton, was expecting her first child, Hilton opened up with a great response.

It would appear that Paris Hilton does not have time for your rumors, OK? When the socialite recorded the latest episode of her podcast, This Is Paris, she took time out to address the swirling rumors of her supposed impending motherhood. The star, who became engaged to venture capitalist Carter Reum in February after dating for a year, talked about waking up "to about three thousand texts" from people congratulating her. The DJ then calmly announced that she was pregnant with triplets, and thanked everyone for their well wishes before adding:

Actually, I'm just kidding...Not yet. I am waiting ’til after the wedding...The only thing in the oven at the moment is my ‘Sliving Lasagna.’

Paris Hilton explained that her wedding is coming up in 2022, and that her dress is currently being made and she wants to make sure it fits for her big day. Both Hilton and Reum have been quite honest about wanting to begin a family, and the former reality star even opened up, back in January, about starting IVF treatments to make their dream a reality. But, the star said that right now they've put their plans for children on hold so that they can prepare for the wedding.

Aside from wedding preparations and podcasting, Paris Hilton has been plenty busy lately. She recently finished shooting a cooking show for Netflix, Cooking with Paris, which will feature the previously mentioned Kim Kardashian and will debut on the streamer on August 4. Hilton is also currently filming a new docuseries for Peacock, Paris In Love, that will show the journey to her nuptials.

As you can see, Hilton noted that the only thing in her oven at the moment is "Sliving Lasagna," a reference to the word she coined when an individual is both "slaying" and "living" their best life. From what Hilton said on her podcast, she thinks the rumor of her pregnancy started because of photos that circulated of her and Reum after they left a restaurant. She was wearing a flowy dress that could easily hide a bit of a baby bump, and also admitted that she was wearing a new push up bra from her Paris Hilton lingerie collection, which likely made people think she was a bit rounder than usual.

It sounds like Paris Hilton and her fiancé are more than glad to put their parenting plans on the back burner for now as they get ready for their wedding, so we should all be happy that the couple is doing things in their own time.

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