Britney Spears Celebrates Taking Back Her Instagram With Topless Photo, And Paris Hilton Had The Best Response

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Britney Spears has been under a strict conservatorship for the last 14 years that has governed her finances and personal decisions. But the foundations on which it is built and who benefits from it have slowly unraveled. Spears even saw her first win in a long time when a judge ruled earlier this month that she could hire her own lawyer to fight the legal arrangement. Now, the iconic pop singer is reclaiming her power even further on social media, with a topless photo that is, and Paris Hilton had an A+ response.

Ever since she made her first public statement in the conservatorship legal battle, Britney Spears has seemingly been posting more freely on her Instagram. But yesterday's pic definitely takes the cake. Spears showed off a topless look, using only her hands to cover herself, with unbuttoned shorts to boot. Paris Hilton took a page out of her own book when commenting on the sexy pic, saying only “That’s hot.” Check out the post below:

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To be honest, the exchange is giving me a lot of early 2000s feels. Between the conservatorship and her longtime Las Vegas residency, people often like to forget that Britney Spears created what was pop culture sexy before Justin Timberlake believed he had to bring it back. Paris Hilton using her most iconic line from MTV’s The Simple Life in response only helped further invoke that era.

Reports have recently indicated that Britney Spears is “very happy” with the latest developments in her conservatorship battle. Supposedly, under new representation by Mathew Rosengart, she has regained permission to drive again. Spears is also said to appreciate the new co-conservator, Jodi Montgomery, going to bat for her against her father.

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The topless photo itself comes after several posts last week that conveyed what Britney Spears really thinks about her life situation. She alluded to her loved ones trying to “save face” after allowing her to struggle under the conservatorship for so long. The singer quickly followed that up by calling out her dad and sister directly in another post. Then, a few days ago, Spears said in a post that she wasn't done speaking her truth yet because she was “told to stay quiet about things for so long.”

That was an interesting statement, indeed. Previously, fans and, by proxy, the documentary Framing Britney Spears questioned if Britney Spears was really in charge of her own social media posts all this time or if it was censored under the conservatorship. The details coming out in recent weeks seemed to confirm those rumors. Her social media manager claimed otherwise, but insiders revealed that Spears wasn't allowed to say anything "sensitive" or anything about the conservatorship.

Technically, Britney Spears’s conservatorship is still in place for now. Although, if these social media posts and her newfound blunt honesty are any indication, it might just be the beginning of the end of it.

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