We Finally Have Solid Details About Sweet Magnolias Season 3, And Now I Really Need The Netflix Hit To Return ASAP

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Folks? The second season of Sweet Magnolias debuted way back on February 4, and we've gone a long time without any concrete information on the storylines that will be explored in Season 3. Fans with Netflix subscriptions have lots of questions about how the reveals of the previous season will be carried forward into the next set of episodes, as well as wanting to know about how all of the relationships at the center of the tale will fare after some bombshell moments in the Sweet Magnolias Season 2 ending. Now, we finally have some solid details about the third season, and imma need the hit show to return ASAP!

What Do We Know About The Story Of Sweet Magnolias Season 3?

While we do, indeed, know that the small town romance was renewed for another season, and the show’s official Instagram page confirmed that filming was done with a post on October 21, we still know next to nothing about how things will play out when the show hits the small screen once again. But! Star Justin Bruening (who recently reunited with his Grey’s Anatomy wife, Sarah Drew, for a 2022 Christmas movie) has now opened up to People about what his Cal Maddox will be dealing with after his shocking Season 3 ending, and said:

My character just is sort of dealing with the aftermath of what he did last year and how that ended — that whole punching someone thing. He kind of takes a step backward, which makes him take huge leaps forward in his relationships with not just Maddie, but with everybody. So I guess he starts to really become a member of Serenity in that sense. It's a lot of fun.

I know that a lot has happened between early February and now, but if you are completely in the dark with regards to his comment about Cal punching someone, well, you’ve forgotten a pretty big moment in the last episode of the previous season. When Cal and Maddie went to a fancy fundraising event, he briefly talked with a fan who seemed a little…emotional. Cal handled the situation just fine, but days later, the same man showed up in Sullivan’s and was making quite a scene. Things went from bad to worse when the recently fired high school baseball coach let his anger boil over, he punched the man, and ended up in the custody of two of Serenity’s fine police officers.

Look, I like Cal, you like Cal…everyone likes Cal and his muscles (What? Who said that?!), but I cannot wait to see how everything shakes out for him in Season 3 after basically assaulting someone (even if that someone pretty much had it coming). To a certain extent, once he arrived in town, he became sort of a golden boy. Not only is he a former pro baseball player, but he was a new eligible gentleman around town. 

Maddie was going through one hell of a breakup with cheating Bill, so Cal seemed like a particular blessing to her. However, there were some hints that he wasn’t as perfect as he appeared, and by the end of Season 2 it had been revealed by the petty and prosperous (and much hated) Mary Vaughn that Cal had a hidden history with major anger management issues, which got the man fired from his job.

Now, with him being publicly outraged to the point of punching someone in front of a number of townspeople, well, I think we can all see that he will definitely be taking “a step backward” and needing to deal with the fallout from that. Those in the small locale gossip like crazy when people make big mistakes, which definitely makes one wonder just how badly he’ll be treated when the new season starts. But, it sounds like Cal will be able to come back from what he did in the eyes of his neighbors and (most importantly) Maddie.

I’m really going to need to watch this play out as soon as possible, because I have so many questions about the multiple quick turnarounds Cal has already been through! Like, now that he’s jobless, how’s he making a living? He can’t just walk around shirtless and sopping wet all day fixing people’s leaky sinks…Or can he? We’ll find out when Sweet Magnolias returns for Season 3, until then you can revisit Seasons 1 and 2 on Netflix.

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