Limp Bizkit's Fred Durst Kinda Looks Like Hulk Hogan Got A 9-To-5 Job In New Picture

limp bizkit's fred durst dancing in video for gold cobra

Few bands have quite the polarizing reputation that the nu-metal group Limp Bizkit has largely maintained since debuting their sophomore album Significant Other in 1999. In the decade since their last release, 2011's Gold Cobra, frontman Fred Durst has reportedly been one of the biggest obstacles standing in the way of the band's long-rumored sixth album, all while continuing to branch out as a film director and producer. Now, Durst is turning heads for a completely unexpected reason, as he has purged his Instagram account and added just a single replacement post, with a picture that makes him look like if Hulk Hogan worked for H&R Block.

Much as it would amuse me to just keep on teasing this picture without ever showing it, the power of Fred Durst's new look cannot be stifled or denied. BEHOLD!

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We're not looking behind any blue eyes at the moment, but rather staring directly at...well, literally everything else. I have to think the handlebar mustache is the biggest attention-grabber, since very few people attempt to pull that particular facial-hairstyle off, since it automatically invites comparisons to Hulk Hogan. In the sense that Durst looks like he came in sixth place at a Hogan lookalike contest. Or like this is the version of Hulk Hogan who didn't take his vitamins every day.

Then there's the hair itself, which is arguably the wispiest thing that's ever been connected to Limp Bizkit and its members. It's such a bonkers look that I legitimately can't recall what Fred Durst's hair looked like prior to this, which is also due to the fact that he spent roughly two decades sporting one of many baseball caps, both those turned frontward and those turned backward. Without one of those signature caps, and with a band T-shirt replaced by a button-down, Durst now looks like the guy who would have designed that wall decoration seen in the background, rather than the someone who would write lyrics about fucking your girlfriend against that wall.

It's entirely unclear what Fred Durst's new look is all about, as well as why he decided to delete every other Instagram post in order to get this picture posted. By all means, it certainly deserves all that attention, but I'm dying to know the reasoning behind it. Was it all for the nookie? Was this an exception to that rule?

The "thinking about you 70" caption is just as enigmatic as that mustache, especially with the little UFO emoji beside it. Hulk Hogan isn't 70 yet, so that's not it. Maybe the 50-year-old entertainer is just picturing himself at 70 years old. Which maybe makes more sense? But also opens its own Pandora's Box of WTF-ness.

Whatever the reason for Fred Durst's new look, I can't wait to see him join the WWE during the next episode of Monday Night Raw. Or to see him selling watermelons on the side of the (his way or the) highway. Or to see him reteam with John Travolta for another batshit crazy movie. Or to hear the new Limp Bizkit song "That Dummy From CinemaBlend That Won't Stop Talking About How Much My Instagram Picture Looks Like Hulk Hogan Started A Food Truck Based Entirely On Garnishes."

In the meantime, though, there's lot of Fall TV shows debuting soon that probably make more sense than anything you've seen here today, and relive one of Limp Bizkit's biggest days in the spotlight via HBO and HBO Max's documentary Woodstock '99: Peace, Love and Rage.

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