American Pickers Star Danielle Colby Breaks Her Silence On Frank Fritz’s Exit From Show

News broke a few days ago that Frank Fritz would not be returning to American Pickers, despite a personal wish to return to the History series. His co-lead Mike Wolfe was the person who confirmed the news after Frank Fritz spoke out publicly about what he felt was going on. Now, another OG star on the series, Danielle Colby, is speaking out about Frank and Frank’s ultimate exit from the show.

A few days ago, Danielle Colby confirmed that she was headed to Iowa to film new episodes of American Pickers with Mike Wolfe. It was the first we had heard from the reality star since the Frank Fritz news broke. The message accompanying the post had led to speculation there might be more going on with the story than either Frank Fritz or Mike Wolfe had touched on. In a new post, Danielle Colbry broke her silence officially, explaining her position on Fritz as well as why she is speaking out now.

Frank caused so much pain for himself that it has been hard to watch. I truly hope Frank receives all the help he needs to become well after years of being unwell. It is not my place to speak Ill of someone who needs help so I will keep my comments uplifting. I’m sending love to everyone. The only reason I’m speaking to this right now is because everybody is speculating on my words and my words are being taken out of context in tabloid rags because they can’t interview me because I will not interview with a tabloid rag. So if you wanna know how I feel. Here’s exactly how I feel.

In his own interview, Frank Fritz had spoken out about not taking care of himself. He touched on an alcohol problem that led to rehab and sobriety, as well as having dealt with several health problems, including one leading to a back surgery. For those reasons, he had ultimately decided to take a step back from American Pickers about two years ago, and had not appeared on television in a new episode since March of 2020.

However, ahead of the new season, Frank Fritz had said he was feeling happier, healthier and ready to get back into the game. The only problem? American Pickers had effectively been operating as American Picker since Fritz’s exit and things were going pretty well. History ultimately declined to sign Frank Fritz back on to the show for Season 23.

Danielle Colby also hinted at having additional thoughts which she would not divulge on social media and stood by in support of the show’s main picker Mike Wolfe in her lengthy clarification post. You can see a full post, which includes a photo of the two American Pickers stars, below.

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Over the weekend, Danielle Colby also shared her thoughts on being present that many took to be a comment on the impending matter, noting:

Have a beautiful Sunday and remember that you can only be where you are. Though others you love or respect may try to rush or squeeze you to fit their narrative, you can only be where you are. Sometimes your personality just won’t fit into their world or narrative in a positive way no matter how hard you try or how much you want to belong or be with them or 'be a part,' of their circle, sometimes you just have to be OK with being apart from them. It’s OK.

Danielle Colby has been a fixture on American Pickers for a long time, running the office at Antique Archaeology. She’s also a longtime friend of star Mike Wolfe’s. During the last season of the show, she and Mike Wolfe were the two individuals featured on the official promotional poster for American Pickers. There were some rumors in 2021 mentioning Colby would also be leaving the series, but her new posts confirm she will be back for Season 23, which the show is obviously renewed for.

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