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Kaley Cuoco Has The Same Thoughts We Do About Kevin Hart And Snoop Dogg's Olympics Coverage

kaley cuoco's cassie standing in convenience store cooler section on the flight attendant

Perhaps because this year's Summer Olympics events are happening a year after they were originally planned, while still keeping the "2020" of it all intact, there arguably hasn't been the same kind of hype-filled vibe that's been present in years past. But inarguably the best new form of entertainment to rise up has been Peacock's hilarious recap round-up Olympics Coverage with Kevin Hart and Snoop Dogg. And to be expected, the streaming project has earned a ton of fans with its every-other-day airings, and The Flight Attendant star and Big Bang Theory vet Kaley Cuoco is clearly in that fandom.

In fact, when Kaley Cuoco took to her Instagram Stories to get her thoughts on Olympics Coverage with Kevin Hart and Snoop Dogg, she shared an opinion that should probably be a completely universal thought at this point:

To be sure, it's worth innocently raising some eyebrows over the fact that Kaley Cuoco only mentioned Kevin Hart in her message, and completely left Snoop Dogg out in the cold. But there are ways to explain that away without it being anything nefarious. (It would be a fun kind of irony if Cuoco was too stoned to remember adding Snoop to the message, but that's likely not the case.)

Anyway, the point here is that Peacock, ESPN, Fox, CBS, and every other network that airs sports coverage should have their metaphorical ears open for Kaley Cuoco's suggestion, since it's what we were all thinking anyway. With six episodes having been released to date, Olympics Coverage With Kevin Hart And Snoop Dogg has been the surprisingly perfect way to decompress from long days of working, attending to family, and watching the headline magnet Simone Biles and other U.S. athletes attempting to win the gold.

Hart and Snoop keep things amusingly light and airy as they watch event clips and interview guests, to be expected, but part of what makes the segments work so well is that they have next to zero journalistic panache, which makes their reactions to everything all the more authentic and easy for everyday Olympic fans to relate to. And it does make some sense that Kaley Cuoco related quite well to the second episode's focus on that fancy horse, which impressed Snoop Dogg to no end with its "off the chain" trot. Few things are so singularly funny as Snoop saying, "I gotta get this motherfucker in a video," but Cuoco found her own favorite line in there to keep repeating.

At this point, Kaley Cuoco has more pull at HBO Max than Peacock, but there's gotta be a way for her to convince everyone in entertainment to hire Kevin Hart and Snoop Dogg as all-time sports analysts. Snoop previously showed his skills off talking about fights for Triller's pay-per-view event when Jake Paul defeated UFC vet Ben Askren, and one can only assume Kevin Hart's energy would have made that even better.

Kevin Hart and Snoop Dogg will presumably be hanging their analyst hats up once the 2020 Olympics are over, but fans will likely still get another one or two installments before the closing ceremonies take place on Sunday, August 8.

Nick Venable

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