Apparently Owen Wilson Had His Own Mustachegate While Working On Loki With Marvel

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Being part of the Marvel family means not revealing too much about your role until the film or television series premieres. When Owen Wilson joined Disney+’s Loki, he made a slight error when it comes to keeping all the secrets. Of course, anyone would be excited to join the MCU family, and the Hollywood star decided to talk about his Mobius mustache before any official footage or images released. He inadvertently broke the cardinal Marvel rule without realizing it. Wilson revealed how his mustachegate led to him being called out by someone within Marvel Studios.

Owen Wilson talked about his small brush with the Marvel veil to Esquire (via Insider). Speaking about Mobius’s comics-accurate mustache got him in trouble. The Bliss star gave a true peek into what happens when you don’t adhere to Marvel’s well-documented veil of secrecy.

I can tell you it’s no joke. Even when I let it slip that I'm wearing a mustache [as] Agent Mobius I got an ominous text saying 'Strike one.' I don't know who that was from. We looked into it and we think it might have been [Marvel Studios head] Kevin Feige using a burner phone or something but that was never confirmed.

Speaking on his own experience, Owen Wilson was sending out a warning shot to future MCU prospects. Getting an anonymous text from someone within Marvel isn’t a good sign for anyone. Thankfully, Marvel didn’t swoop down from the sky and snatch up Wilson instantly. Or even worse, recast him with another actor without anyone knowing. The fact that Wilson and his team couldn’t find out who sent the text was a little scary. But hopefully, Wilson was just joking about the scenario.

But Owen Wilson wouldn't be the first actor to face mustache controversy surrounding a project. Henry Cavill faced a mustache-related situation of his own as editors had to work overtime to cover his Mission: Impossible-Fallout mustache for Justice League reshoots. It ended up with some awkward close-ups of Superman. Cavill finally addressed the mustachegate with a bit of humor. At least, the actor was able to laugh it off just like Wilson.

Marvel’s secrecy related to projects is nothing new for MCU stars. Whether it’s Eternals' Salma Hayek or even Marvel head Kevin Feige, everyone involved must resist spilling secrets at any cost. For the most part, Marvel’s Fort Knox approach allows fans to remain surprised by unexpected twists and unannounced cameos. There’s still so much unknown about Marvel’s Phase Four.

Thankfully, Owen Wilson’s loose lips didn’t mess up his place in the Marvel universe. Fans got to see Wilson as Mobius M. Mobius in Loki. If you want to see Wilson go full TVA agent, you can stream Season 1 of the Marvel series on Disney+.

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