A Pair Of Michael Jordan's Boxers Is Being Sold Off, And The Underwear Has Definitely Been Used

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In the spring of 2020, much of the sporting world was taken by storm when the ESPN docuseries The Last Dance debuted. The series gave basketball fans a deeper look at legend Michael Jordan, fully embracing his status as one of the most popular sports stars of all time, while also not shying away from the more hidden aspects of his life and personality. Well, if you're still feeling Jordan fever, you now have a chance to fully embrace one part of the legend's formerly hidden past for yourself, by bidding on a pair of his used underwear. And, yes, you read that previous sentence correctly.

While a lot of things were probably brought to light for fans of the Chicago Bulls and Michael Jordan as they watched The Last Dance, I'm going to guess that there was not a lot of talk about anyone's undergarments, whether they be brand new from the pack, freshly laundered or...clearly lived in. But, all of Jordan's fans now have a chance to own a piece of history (I guess we can call it that), because his worn, grey and black boxers are up for sale with auction site Lelands, and they have a starting bid of $500.

You likely have several questions now, and no one can blame you for that, at all. One of those queries is probably the most obvious: How do we know that Michael Jordan actually wore those undies? The auction listing is more than happy to answer your question, and does make it clear that the item of underwear / compression shorts "shows definite use" not because of anything indelicate, but simply because of a number of loose threads at the seems. And, there's even a dry cleaning tag still attached to them.

I know that your mind went somewhere else when it was mentioned that the shorts were used, and, honestly, no one can blame you for that, either.

Fans of His Airness who truly want to own something that was once used by the beloved basketball star may have lucked out with this auction. Not only is the undergarment in question already branded with Jordan's last name and famed logo (Why would he not literally wear his own underwear?), but there are a lot more items up for sale. In fact, there are 16 items total in what's billed on the auction website as The John Michael Wozniak Collection, and it includes a number of suits, ties, shirts, belts, coats, and even a golf putter, all of which is said to have been used by Jordan.

I'm going to guess that you have at least one more question about all of this by now, and that will almost definitely be some form of, "How in the hell did this auction site get Michael Jordan's used clothes and underwear?" Luckily, the hint to that answer is in the name of the auction collection, as those who watched The Last Dance might have gathered. John Michael Wozniak, who was featured in the series, was actually Jordan's security guard during his days playing for the Bulls sixth NBA title in eight seasons, and all items in the sale were gifted to him by the famed player.

The undie auction doesn't end until September 25, and at the time of this writing biding is only up to $605, so if you can't get enough Michael Jordan, this might be the deal for you.

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