Big Brother 23 Spoilers: Who Will Probably Be Evicted Week 5

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Warning! The following contains spoilers from the Big Brother Season 23 live feeds as of Wednesday, August 11th. Read at your own risk!

Derek Xiao set his sights on a big target for his Head of Household, and thanks to Britini D'Angelo, his plan is finally in motion. Christian Birkenberger is now up on the block next to Sarah Beth Steagall, but for this plan to work out, he'll need to get the rest of the Houseguests on his side.

We recently laid out how the Houseguests feel about keeping Christian Birkenberger vs. Sarah Beth Steagall, but this game can change in an instant. Can Christian overcome the burden of being the bigger target and flip the script on Derek X? Here's how things look so far.

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Christian Will Likely Be Evicted In Week 5

Christian Birkenberger and Alyssa Lopez pitched scenarios to Houseguests from Plan A to literally Plan Z. None of that seems to be working, and as of Wednesday afternoon Christian has been in the Have-Not room swearing up and down about the rest of the Houseguests being "cowards." It feels like acceptance that his fate is coming soon, provided some very specific scenarios don't fall into place soon.

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Can Christian Still Be Saved?

Christian Birkenberger's run in Big Brother is basically sunk, but if I absolutely had to come up with a scenario for him to be saved, there is one tiny option available. Christian already has the vote of Alyssa Lopez and could get Xavier Prather if the votes are there. That means he just needs three more votes to beat the odds, and there are three players of the defunct Joker alliance sitting towards the bottom of the house.

Christian's best bet at staying is convincing Derek Frazier, Azah Awasum, and Britini D'Angelo to vote against the house, which would create a 5-4 vote in his favor. That's seemingly the only way this eviction doesn't happen, as every other Houseguest is in too deep and unwilling to let a guy who won 50% of the competitions in Big Brother Season 23 so far stay in the game another week. The Jokers could better their position in the house aligning with the former Kings alliance, though it would come at a compromise of some other key alliances.

In truth, I don't see anyone in the Jokers actually going for this plan. Everyone is aware that Christian Birkenberger can't remain in the game, and honestly, it's kind of his fault. Had Christian not been so gung ho to win every competition he competed in from the start, it wouldn't have been so painfully obvious he's a comp beast. Derek Xiao knew he had to take this shot, and the Houseguests know if they don't take it, they may not get another chance.

Big Brother Season 23 airs on CBS Sundays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays at 8:00 p.m. ET. Be sure to stick with CinemaBlend for our upcoming interview with the evicted Houseguest, and read up on our latest conversation with last week's evictee Whitney Williams!

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