Netflix's ClickBait: How A Season 2 Could Work

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Clickbait is the latest mystery Netflix series. It starts with the viral kidnapping of Nick Brewer (Adrian Grenier) and escalates into a tale of secrets, lies, and the court of public opinion. Clickbait is one of those rare mystery shows or movies where all the clues are there but most viewers won’t figure out what happened until the very end. That is what makes Clickbait a breath of fresh air.

This Netflix series has been marketed as a miniseries, which means that it is likely one and done, meaning it would have these eight episodes and no more. However, Netflix, and other streaming services, broadcast and premium channels, has turned miniseries into multi-season TV shows before. The label "miniseries" doesn't have to mean the end of TV shows these days, especially when so many shows are being resurrected from cancellation. Though chances of Clickbait getting a season 2 aren’t the greatest, it has been very popular on Netflix since its premiere. This at least means that Netflix could be considering not ending the show on one single season.

Clickbait wrapped up the major mystery of what happened to Nick Brewer pretty well, but there is still room for the show to continue, with or without the Brewer family. This is how I believe Clickbait Season 2 could work. Be warned, there are SPOILERS AHEAD.

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Clickbait Season 2 Could Introduce A New Mystery Surrounding The Brewer Family

The Brewer family had quite a few secrets in their closets. Everything from Nick’s father’s secret suicide to Sophie's (Betty Gabriel) affair - the Brewers were keeping a lot hidden, and that’s why a new secret could emerge and no one would be that shocked. We know Nick and Pia's (Zoe Kazan) father killed himself, but we don’t know much more than that about him and his relation to his family.

Maybe there is more to why he killed himself, and their mother Andrea (Elizabeth Alexander) could be keeping a lot more from the family about her life with her deceased husband. Pia also just generally seems a bit closed off and secretive. We wouldn’t be shocked if some more secrets start to come out about her.

We then have Kai (Jaylin Fletcher) and Ethan (Camaron Engels), who may follow in their parents’ footsteps with lies and deceit. The Brewer family could easily be hiding more from each other. Also, even though Nick is dead, who's to say that he doesn't have more hidden secrets, especially from his supposed reckless youth.

Zoe Kazan and Phoenix Raei in Clickbait

Clickbait Season 2 Could Follow A New Mystery With Roshan As Lead Detective

I think the best route for Clickbait to go is with more emphasis on Roshan (Phoenix Raei). We got a glimpse into his life and career, but it could easily make him more of the main character going forward. He could have to solve another murder mystery, while also exploring his own inner demons and struggles. This would allow a completely new story, but keep some of the cast from the first season, like Pia. Pia and Roshan had feelings for each other during Clickbait Season 1, but because he was investigating her brother’s murder, they had to keep it strictly professional.

Now that the case has been solved, Roshan and Pia could be in a full relationship during season 2. This allows Pia to continue on the series and still have the Brewer family involved in some capacity. I also just like the idea of a new family, but not taking the series completely in a new direction from season one.

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Clickbait Season 2 Could Turn The Series Into An Anthology Series About Viral Murders

Clickbait could very much work as an anthology series. The name is already generic enough that it could easily plug and play many different stories that could be considered clickbait, everything from viral crimes to staged events. Clickbait could also easily just become an anthology series of fictional viral murders. The linking factor could be that vlogger who originally linked to Nick’s video.

She could appear on every episode and introduce a new video, but the nature of the crime could vary. Maybe it’s a video of someone who faked their death. Maybe another time, the viewers see the criminal and the mystery is finding out who he or she is and why they committed this crime. Other times, it could be of someone who will die if not found, and the mystery involves locating them before it's too late (similar to Nick, but this time they’re found).

The concept of clickbait, and viral events and crimes, leaves a lot of room for possible exploration and different interpretations of it. The Clickbait team would just have to figure out how to keep this Netflix series unique, interesting, and captivating for multiple seasons.

Jillian Nguyen in Clickbait

Clickbait Season 2 Could Follow A Mystery Involving A Minor Character From Season 1

Clickbait introduced many interesting minor characters. Nick’s not-so mistress Emma (Jessica Collins) wasn’t very likable, but she was quite interesting. She had a ton of layers that could be entertaining to explore in a season devoted to her. Then there were characters like the reporter, Ben (Abraham Lim), the shady Matt (Ian Meadows), and even Ethan’s online friend Alison (Jillian Nguyen), who all played a part in the major mystery but didn’t really get their story told.

We got a sense of who Ben, Matt, Allison, and Emma were, with some glimpses of their lives and history, but we only got just enough to form an impression of them. We didn’t get enough material to know their full stories, and see if there was more to them, like there was to the Nick mystery, than it seemed.

Even learning more about the vlogger girl who posted Nick’s abduction, Vince (Jack Walton), or Simon (Daniel Henshall) could work as stories for a possible Clickbait Season 2. One thing Clickbait did really well was flushing out all major and minor characters enough for us to care about them.

Clickbait is one of those rare Netflix TV shows where I didn’t figure out the twist. I was genuinely shocked at the end, and to me, that makes Clickbait one of the best shows to binge watch on Netflix, and it makes it a show that I really want to see return. However, I will also accept the writing team behind the series just getting another Netflix series. I want to see what they can do with a new mystery.

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