How Arrow Vet Stephen Amell Honored The Anniversary Of Oliver Queen's Arrowverse Funeral

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While time can often seem to lose all sense of meaning during this pandemic era, the days are indeed moving along just like they always have. Which means it's somehow been an entire year since the Arrowverse buried its founding father, with Arrow's series finale airing on January 28, 2020. Someone acutely aware of what that day meant is the former Green Arrow himself, Stephen Amell, who took a moment to note the anniversary on social media, though even he needed a reminder first.

Currently gearing up to take on a brand new role for Starz's indie wrestling drama Heels, Stephen Amell hit up Twitter to honor Oliver Queen's fictional and necessary demise by way of revealing that he'd unwittingly gone most of the day without realizing the significance. Check it out!

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Of all the roles he's played in the past, Oliver Queen definitely stands tall as Stephen Amell's most memorable character. And even though he was ready to say goodbye to the vigilante role by the time Arrow ended with Season 8, it's understandable that he might feel a phantom pang on the one-year anniversary of Oliver's funeral. I mean, technically he didn't film that scene, and he'd already filmed Oliver's actual death months previous. So the actual mechanics of the phantom pangs are pretty particular, but still.

Even though Stephen Amell's day wasn't going as smoothly as it could have, the picture of everyone around Oliver Queen's grave is certainly more joyous than most pictures that people take while standing next to tombstones. Hopefully that managed to bright Amell's day a little. Grant Gustin is smiling just a LITTLE TOO HARD though. Things will probably get complicated for Barry Allen when The Flash comes back, though, so he'll probably be seen with lots of grimaces.

While it wasn't altogether expected that Stephen Amell was going to return to the Arrowverse in the future – both because of his show Heels and his urge to completely step away from that career path – it seems even less likely now that The CW officially passed on developing the Green Arrow & The Canaries spinoff. (But that might mean we'll get an Arrow comic book, at least.) And the crossovers aren't even happening this season, due to COVID restrictions while filming. What if Oliver's death was the catalyst for all this, and... Nah, never mind.

Stephen Amell spent part of 2020 dealing with COVID, as well as healing from an injury he faced while filming Heels. Here's hoping the Starz drama was worth all the pain and suffering whenever it premieres, and that Amell gets to wear a Green Arrow-esque costume at some point during it, to remind him of the good ol' pre-funeral days.

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