All American Boss Has A Season 4 'Promise' For Fans After That Season 3 Cliffhanger

All American.

The fourth season of The CW’s football drama All American is premiering next month and fans will finally find out what happened following the cliffhanger in the Season 3 finale. The finale saw multiple characters’ lives take a different direction, as Coop got shot, Asher got the news that he has cardiomyopathy, and Layla left Beverly Hills. Fortunately, All American showrunner Nkechi Okoro Carroll has revealed some of what fans can expect in Season 4.

All American’s third season ended on the kind of cliffhanger that shocked fans everywhere, and they haven't known all hiatus where many of their favorite characters will end up. Nkechi Okoro Carroll has made a promise for Season 4 that should at least somewhat reassure fans, telling TVLine:

What we can promise the audience is we will fill in the blanks of what happened. This is not going to be a season-long guessing game of where things ended up after the cliffhangers. Those questions will be answered in the first episode.

It looks like fans won’t have to wait long to find out the fate of everyone, but don’t expect it to be all sunshine and rainbows. Season 4 is said to be a “rebirth” for all the characters and not everyone will be okay after the Season 3 finale. And because of the cliffhanger, not everyone will be the same as they were prior to the start of the Season 3 finale. The showrunner elaborated, saying:

We will see a ripple effect through a number of characters as they are changed and their directions pivot — and maybe even life priorities change as a result of the cliffhangers.

Nkechi Okoro Carroll didn’t say too much about Spencer’s football priorities, but fans can expect a “more grown” version of him in the upcoming season. Because of Coop’s shooting, he’s going to be “feeling survivor’s guilt for the blessings he has in his life” as he always had, and it’s likely that Coop will make him feel that even more considering they haven’t been on the best of terms lately. Though Carroll did mention that Spencer being in therapy definitely helps.

Not only will Season 4 show the aftermath of the intense Season 3 cliffhanger, but it will also build more up to the upcoming All American: Homecoming spin-off that is set to premiere midseason. And it turns out that Simone won’t be the only familiar face in the series that ends up at Bringston, according to Nkechi Okoro Carroll. The only question is who else from Beverly or Crenshaw will we see?

Hopefully that and more will be answered in Season 4 of All American, but right now all I’m hoping is that everyone makes it through the season premiere alive and well, and will be moving forward. Season 4 of All American premieres Monday, October 25 on The CW!

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