Why Big Brother 23's Kyland Young Has No Regrets Talking About Xavier's Nephew After Eviction

Big Brother had one of its tensest confrontations in show history when Houseguest Kyland Young confronted Xavier Prather about his blindside eviction while the show was live. Kyland, who believed he and Xavier had agreed to go to the end of the game together, wanted answers and was hurt by the betrayal. Kyland told Xavier he set a bad example for his nephew Kobe, which some fans (and those left in the house) believed was a step too far.

I submitted questions for Kyland Young ahead of Big Brother Season 23's finale week and wanted to know if he had any regrets about the things he said immediately following his eviction. Kyland talked about the showdown with Xavier Prather and mentioned his hope that fans understood there was context to that moment that referenced past conversations the two have had.

As far as how things went down post-eviction my biggest feeling is not so much a regret but as much as that I hope people take the actual words that were said in the context they were said in to heart. The things that I said to Xavier, even referencing family, was very specific. I pay attention to the words that I say. You have to in that house. The things I said were specifically referencing things that Xavier and I had discussed. Things that we both hold as important to us in life and as far as the things that our families actually value. Even noting some differences in different members of our family. One thing that we had discussed in depth is how people like Kobe Bryant, like Goku, or other heroes both fictional and real that we both idolize. Our favorite thing about them was their willingness to go head-to-head versus their competition. I’m always choosing the harder, more direct, path instead of the indirect easy path.

The two Houseguests did discuss that long before Xavier Prather's Final Four Head of Household, which ultimately resulted in Kyland Young's eviction. That conversation, paired with the fear that going up against a woman would ultimately lead the female-majority jury to vote them the winner, ultimately led Kyland to keep Xavier safe and nominate Tiffany Mitchell and Hannah Chaddha for eviction instead. Kyland also wanted his victory to be up against someone he thought was a worthy opponent, and Xavier led him to believe he felt the same way.

Of course, Xavier didn't actually mean that, and once he had the power to make it happen, ensured Kyland was sent home over Azah Awasum in the Final Four. Kyland admitted to CinemaBlend he knew referencing Xavier's nephew would be something that would rile his fellow Houseguest up, but in no way did he regret what he said.

In that moment I brought up how that’s something that he said that he valued, and how it’s something that he was not doing in that moment. Did I know that it could strike a chord? Of course. Did I choose my words carefully as so, objectively speaking, there’s no actual disrespect towards any member of his family? Absolutely. So are there any regrets? Absolutely not.

Kyland Young's comments have received mixed reactions from fans. Many were horrified Kyland would make a remark so personal, while others applauded Kyland took Xavier to task and created what may be one of the most memorable evictions in Big Brother history. It remains to be seen if the drama between them will continue on finale night, but given it will have been less than a week since Xavier and Kyland last spoke, I would count on something happening.

Big Brother is in the home stretch at CBS, but be sure to stick with CinemaBlend after finale night for interviews with the Final 3, and for all the fun coming with Big Brother: Celebrity Edition.

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