After Blasting Bravo Producers, Below Deck Med's Lex Wilson Allegedly Wants To Sell Details About The Season

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The drama of Below Deck: Mediterranean’s sixth season has been mostly at the hands of one second stewardess, Lexi Wilson, and her many blowups on crew nights off. Ultimately, Captain Sandy had to pull the plug on Wilson’s season and fire her when an argument with chef Mathew Shea went too far. Ever since, Wilson has been blasting Bravo producers on social media for the edit she's been receiving on the show. And now, she allegedly wants to sell Season 6 details that were left out.

In the past few weeks, Lexi Wilson has called out Bravo and its producers several times to her 12,000-plus followers on her private Instagram account. Per Screen Rant, she flat out named the Below Deck: Mediterranean and Bravo Instagram accounts for supposedly enabling “death threats” against her and “psycho lunatics to feel empowered.” More recently, after the episode of her firing was aired, Wilson complained about her edit and even called out an executive producer by name, saying (via Decider):

These people are the worst in life! That episode is completely edited down and the stories are unrelated to the argument. And the nerve of you to message me talking about how you treated me fairly #nadinerajabi when you allowed this to happen.

The posts have reportedly been deleted, but Lexi Wilson is believed to be not done quite yet with confronting her storyline on Season 6. The Below Deck: Mediterranean star apparently wants to sell behind-the-scenes details about already released episodes on the Cameo platform, where celebs can charge fans for personalized videos. She wrote on her Instagram stories (via TV Show Ace):

If you want to know the TRUTH behind each episode sign up to my cameo ! I'm spilling all the beans that my contract will allow me to! Also I can't answer messages until the episode airs and NBC also known as ‘the network’ is very strict #nothingisfreeinlife

There are a few public videos of Lexi Wilson on her Cameo account already but nothing concerning Below Deck: Mediterranean as of yet. She's currently charging $35 for personal videos and $140 for business videos.

Lexi Wilson’s Below Deck: Mediterranean co-stars have also been sharing their own side of events from the season, without a Cameo price tag. Bosun Malia White, who Wilson feuded with in the now-infamous hot tub blow-up, shared how she empathized with the former stew’s circumstances but that none of the crew have still received a proper apology for what transpired. Likewise, Captain Sandy wrote on Twitter that she “wasn't told the whole story about the hot tub night” and that things “would have been different” if she had been told.

Only a few episodes of Below Deck: Mediterranean’s sixth season are left. But now the bigger question is, will Lexi Wilson rejoin the cast for the reunion special and share her perspective there? We'll just have to wait and see.

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