Tonight is the 72nd Annual Golden Globe Awards, which inevitably means it’s the 72nd year in a row where fans of TV and cinema get pissed off that their favorite show/movie/performer didn’t get the proper recognition in marble and gold statuette form. The ceremony, which works as sort of a de facto primer for the Academy Awards (and the Emmys to a lesser degree), has definitely made some weird choices over the years, especially in hindsight.

And so we raise our glasses in jeering five of the Hollywood Foreign Press Association’s worst choices for Best TV Series, in both the comedy/musical and drama categories. I guess it’s a testament to the Globes that this number is so limited, although I could easily make compartmentalized soapbox arguments. Maybe next year. But for now, let’s think back to a time before Ryan Murphy became synonymous with WTF.

Nip/Tuck (2004)
Back in 2004, the world was introduced to bizarro plastic surgeons Sean McNamara and Julian Troy, two men for whom libidos and luxury were life forces. (Which of course leads to a sex doll sex scene.) I will gladly cop to falling in love with this series for its first few seasons, but things were obviously cascading off the rails as the Carver killer plotline was winding down, and each successive season seemed like a parody of everything before it. But no one could have known that going into it, when Sean and Julia were still seemingly a happy couple in Miami, and Matt wasn’t the worst character on TV. So I have no gripes with it being nominated, but winning?

What Should Have Won: Similarly, no one could have known that the also-debuting-that-year Lost would become a meandering frolic through empty mythos, but that series’ first season makes for a much better revisit than the sudsy excess of Nip/Tuck. And if not Lost, how about Deadwood or The Sopranos?

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