Every year, the network upfronts are ushered into existence by a mass exodus of series unable to come out ahead of the cancellation conversations, and this year cannot claim to be an exception. There were points during the past two weeks that barely saw a moment of silence for audiences to mourn one show’s passing before the next show fell beneath the ax. And now we’re raising our pitchforks and demanding action, or at least suggesting it with a wagging finger.

Here are 6 recently cancelled shows that need to find homes on different networks as quickly as possible, before everyone involved finds new jobs that make it impossible. That already kind of happened with the first show here.

agent carter
Agent Carter
Perhaps we should all just be thankful that Agent Carter was allowed to live on for the 18 episodes that we got. On the other hand, maybe angry fans should curse the Hydra hounds at ABC for ever allowing hope to live on strong enough that we didn’t get an all-tied-up ending to the show, but a cliffhanger. There are plenty of other reasons why Season 3 needs to happen as well, so it’s hard to just sit here and watch the cancellation remain unaffected by the arrival of news that Netflix has stepped up with an eight-episode order for a final season. Yes, Hayley Atwell has the new ABC drama Conviction keeping her busy now, but Peggy Carter wouldn’t let something like a busy schedule keep her from completing an objective.

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