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It’s always interesting when a brand new host pops up during an awards show and gives it his or her go. This year, Brooklyn Nine-Nine’s Andy Samberg took on the task, and the results were surprising, sometimes silly and overall edgier than we expected, with Robert Durst and other political jokes spread throughout. It wasn’t just Samberg who delivered some choice jokes tonight either. There was a whole slew of comedians who left their respective marks. You can check out the 8 best jokes from the 67th Primetime Emmy Awards, below.

Houdini still
Andy Samberg Jokes About Houdini
Adrien Brody put in a compelling performance in Houdini on History earlier this year, and the 67th Primetime Emmy Awards obviously featured a joked about the miniseries during this year’s opening monologue. During the opening bit, the show cut to Brody’s chair. It was empty, and Samberg cracked, “He escaped.” Classic.
Olive Kitteridge
Olive Kitteridge Gets A Joke
HBO’s Olive Kitteridge cleaned up during the 2015 Emmys tonight, which means it is only fitting that the Emmys wrote in a joke for the popular miniseries. And it was awful. Host Andy Samberg was the one who spit it out, and it was so bad it was absolutely perfect. Here’s the joke: I haven’t seen “all of” Kitteridge, I’ve only seen half of Kitteridge. Get it? Get it. I bet you just spit up some liquid right now.
HBO Is The Butt Of The Joke
A bunch of HBO programs had jokes cracked about them tonight. The aforementioned Olive Kitteridge took a goofy crack and The Jinx and Robert Durst popped up throughout the ceremony, but one of the best was a joke about how HBO noted the company doesn’t care if people share passwords. Samberg even shared his username and password with fans (we aren’t kidding: he may or may not be khaleesifan3).
Jimmy Kimmel
Jimmy Kimmel
If you were on E! before Fox’s show, Kimmel was in fine form, and made a masturbation joke to Ryan Seacrest. It’s hard to top that, but he later actually cut up and ate the specially made envelope for the Emmys category he announced, noting that really anyone could make up who the winner was with no one being the wiser. As if watching the late night host eat paper wasn’t funny enough, he also pretended to forget who won (it ultimately went to Jeffrey Tambor). Check out the bit here.
Ricky Gervais
Ricky Gervais
While Ricky Gervais really, really doesn’t need to remind us that he once hosted an awards show, he made up for that bit by getting the Emmys girl to bring out the statuette early, pretending he won himself when he was actually just announcing. There are so many fake-win selfies running around the internet right now.
Amy Schumer
Amy Schumer’s Smokey Eyes
Amy Schumer clearly wasn’t expecting an Emmy win tonight. In fact, the lead in Inside Amy Schumer was totally caught off guard when the show won best Variety Series and mostly just thanked a lot of people. She caught everyone else off guard too, however, when she thanked the person who created her smokey eyes for the awards ceremony. Her timing was impeccable.
Daily Show
Jon Stewart’s Daily Show Speech
Jon Stewart’s entire acceptance speech was a platform for a bunch of hilarious jokes. During his acceptance speech, the former Daily Show host talked about how life has been very different ever since he left his day job. There was the barren wasteland quote: “I’ve been off of television for six weeks seven weeks and this is the first applause I’ve heard. It is a barren wasteland out there.” He also joked about food in the real world before thanking everyone, noting we will “never” have to see him again. Hilarious.
Tracy Morgan
Tracy Morgan Makes A Comeback
Tracy Morgan has largely been out of public life since a bad limo accident briefly put him in a coma, but he made his comeback tonight. And while it was largely thoughtful and heartfelt, it also featured a great comment about him getting women pregnant at the afterparty. The best joke though? When Tracy admitted that he was just excited upon waking up that the accident wasn’t his fault. We can’t wait until the actor is back on TV.

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