It’s always interesting when a brand new host pops up during an awards show and gives it his or her go. This year, Brooklyn Nine-Nine’s Andy Samberg took on the task, and the results were surprising, sometimes silly and overall edgier than we expected, with Robert Durst and other political jokes spread throughout. It wasn’t just Samberg who delivered some choice jokes tonight either. There was a whole slew of comedians who left their respective marks. You can check out the 8 best jokes from the 67th Primetime Emmy Awards, below.

Houdini still
Andy Samberg Jokes About Houdini
Adrien Brody put in a compelling performance in Houdini on History earlier this year, and the 67th Primetime Emmy Awards obviously featured a joked about the miniseries during this year’s opening monologue. During the opening bit, the show cut to Brody’s chair. It was empty, and Samberg cracked, “He escaped.” Classic.

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