9-1-1 Has Struggles In Store For Eddie In The Winter Finale

Spoilers ahead for the November 29 episode of 9-1-1 Season 5, called “Past Is Prologue,” and light spoilers ahead for the winter finale next week.

9-1-1 revisited days gone by for several characters in “Past is Prologue,” ranging from Taylor’s tragic backstory to Hen finding out about the one who got away for her mom to Athena and Bobby solving a 30-year-old crime with some role play, but the upcoming winter finale is seemingly all about the present and future. The show is embracing the spirit of the season with a holiday-themed episode, but it won’t be all Christmas cheer for Eddie, who is going to have a hard time. 

Eddie has arguably taken a backseat in the show for several episodes now since his crisis situation with the escapee, although “Past Is Prologue” came with the fun reveal that he and Christopher like to watch telenovelas together to work on their Spanish. The father/son situation might be a little bit more complicated for the holidays, according to the episode description for the winter finale, called “Wrapped In Red.” According to Fox, here’s what to expect:

The members of the 118 are called to series of emergencies around Christmas Eve. Then, Eddie struggles with an emotional Christopher.

Admittedly, that’s not a whole lot to go on, especially considering that the members of the 118 are called to series of emergencies on a pretty regular basis. But the mention of Eddie struggling with “an emotional Christopher” is intriguing, particularly since this will be the last episode of 9-1-1 for quite some time, as the show hasn’t received a midseason premiere date just yet. So, what could make Christopher emotional? 

Well, he wouldn’t be the first or only person in the world to feel emotional around the holidays, but I doubt that 9-1-1 would include the story in the episode description for the winter finale if it was just a case of young Christopher coming down with the holiday blues. It could be tied to his dad’s breakup with Ana. He formed such a strong bond with her that Eddie was willing to stay in the relationship with her despite not loving her the way she loved him, just so that he wouldn’t split Christopher from her. 

Of course, that wasn’t fair to her or really sustainable for Eddie, so they broke up, and I wouldn’t be surprised if “Wrapped In Red” revealed that Christopher isn’t dealing with her absence from his life all that well. He hasn’t formed strong bonds to many new people over the years of the show, other than Buck and then Ana. 

Buck has plenty going on in his own life and relationship (which evidently isn’t ending after all), but hopefully Eddie and Christopher can get some of his time, ideally with no tsunamis involved! The promo for the finale doesn’t show Christopher at all, but it does give a peek at Eddie that suggest he’s not feeling his holly-jolliest: 

The winter finale of 9-1-1 will air on Monday, December 6 at 8 p.m. ET on Fox before heading into hiatus. 9-1-1: Lone Star will take over that time slot starting on January 3. The network has not yet announced when 9-1-1 will return for the second half of Season 5, but the midseason premiere is expected to air in March. Will the new year see the return of Maddie, since her departure has a lot less closure than what happened with Michael? Find out in 2022!

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