When 9-1-1 Will Return To Fox With A Dangerous New Episode After A Break

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The first half of 9-1-1’s fifth season has been packed with near-death experiences for the heroes and civilians of Los Angeles, and the next episode isn’t exactly going to be a safe one for the firefighters and paramedics of the 118. It should be a thrilling hour of television, but there is some bad news for fans who are waiting to find out what the show has in store after recently saying goodbye to a character: 9-1-1 is going on a brief break. 

Instead of airing a new episode like usual in the fall season on Monday nights, November 22 won’t feature any 9-1-1 action on Fox. The show is taking a week off from the previous episode on November 15, and won’t be back with a new case for the 118 until November 29. The good news is that the show’s return should be pretty thrilling. 

In the next new installment of Season 5, called “Past is Prologue,” the heroes of the 118 will be facing some serious danger in the field as well as some concerns on the personal front. Plus, Athena – who has had an intense enough Season 5 already – will have a new storyline of her own. The episode description yields some clues about what will happen!

“Past is Prologue” will see Bobby and the rest of his crew rushing to the scene of an abandoned oil well that has erupted in the middle of a street… which is unfortunately right in downtown Los Angeles. Such an emergency sounds like it would be challenging enough even for these veteran first responders if it was water. With oil has the substance causing problems, that should seriously limit what kinds of tools they can use to try and perform rescues. 

And the abandoned oil well sinkhole won’t be the only arc of the hour. Athena will be on a case that has been cold for three decades already involving the robbery of a casino. Buck’s relationship with Taylor will evidently hit a rough patch that has seemingly been a long time coming, and he’s afraid that their romance will be ending. As for Hen, a man from her mom’s past will come into her present. Check out the promo for what’s in store:

It does seem that 9-1-1 will be getting back to business as usual after saying goodbye to Michael. Although his departure was pretty open-ended and he still has strong ties to LA because of his family, the reported reason for actor Rockmond Dunbar leaving may mean that Michael won’t be back any time soon, short of changes to how production implements COVID protocols. 

Luckily for 9-1-1 fans, the show isn’t returning for an episode just to immediately going into another (and significantly longer) break. After the November 29 return to Fox at 8 p.m. ET, the fifth season still has its fall TV season finale on December 6. Season 5 has not yet received a midseason 2022 premiere date, but the network is wasting no time in bringing back the spinoff. 9-1-1: Lone Star returns to Fox for Season 3 with Rob Lowe on Monday, January 3 at 8 p.m. ET. 

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