How 9-1-1's Season 5 Premiere Could Revisit Eddie's Near-Death Experience

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9-1-1 fans have been waiting a long four months since the end of Season 4 to find out what happens next for the first responders of the Fox series. Although the show did actually resolve its cliffhangers in the fourth season finale (with a pretty awesome show of bravery from Angela Bassett's Athena), there are still a lot of questions about what happens with the next big crisis, and it seems that Eddie's near-death experience from the finale may cause him some problems in the Season 5 premiere.

According to the episode description for 9-1-1's Season 5 premiere, called "Panic," Eddie will suffer a health scare. Admittedly, the firefighters of the 118 suffer throw themselves into life-threatening situations to save lives on a weekly basis during seasons of 9-1-1, so it's possible that "Panic" will simply include a new kind of physical ailment for Eddie that has nothing to do with being shot by a sniper and getting too close to death for comfort in the Season 4 finale. But it's hard not to imagine that the episode description specifically mentioning Eddie having the health scare means he's not quite over his injury.

Of course, a health scare isn't the same as a health crisis or health emergency, and "Panic" could honestly deliver a twist that has Eddie nervous about his own health out of paranoia rather than put him down for the count because of injury. He went through a traumatizing experience that could have left Christopher without his dad if the bullet had hit him in one of his vital organs. Even though he did arrange for Christopher to go to Buck in case the worst should happen, any kind of lingering effects – even if more in Eddie's head than anything else – could definitely be scary.

One thing that fans can probably be confident of is that 9-1-1 isn't going to kill off Eddie in the Season 5 premiere, and in fact none of the promos for Season 5 have given any indication of the health scare in store for him. If anything, the latest promo for Season 5 indicates that Bobby is one whose life will be in jeopardy. Take a look:

All things considered, even if 9-1-1 won't be crossing over with Lone Star until midseason (if at all) when Lone Star returns for Season 3, the show is clearly packing a whole lot of crises into new episodes. In addition to Eddie suffering a health scare, the Season 5 premiere will see Maddie's postpartum depression that first started affecting her toward the end of Season 4 get even worse, and Athena's trauma from the serial rapist attack will resurface when the rapist goes to trial.

And that's all on top of the city of Los Angeles being hacked, which seems to be up there with the biggest emergencies short of the tsunami that the 9-1-1 first responders have ever had to face. The Season 5 premiere of 9-1-1 will air in the 2021 fall TV lineup on Monday, September 20 at 8 p.m. ET on Fox. Be sure to tune in to see what happens with Eddie, whether or not BFF Buck will have a part to play, and more!

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