9-1-1: Lone Star's Natacha Karam Opens Up About That Big Twist And Whether We'll See Marjan Again

Natacha Karam as Marjan on 9-1-1: Lone Star
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Spoiler alert! This story contains major spoilers for 9-1-1: Lone Star’s Season 4 episode “Human Resources,” which aired February 21. Consider yourself warned!

Marjan Marwani has been a favorite of 9-1-1: Lone Star fans since the very beginning, so it was particularly shocking to learn that the complaint being investigated by the internal affairs department had been lodged against her (and not Owen). It was even more devastating when, by the end of “Human Resources,” Marjan had resigned from Station 126 and rode off into the sunset on her newly acquired motorcycle. Is Marjan really gone? Actress Natacha Karam opened up about filming that goodbye scene and talked about if and when we’ll see her character again.

The cast of 9-1-1: Lone Star apparently had the same questions as viewers when they read the script for the February 21 episode. Natacha Karam talked to EW about that heartbreaking final scene, in which Marjan said goodbye to her fellow first responders, and the uncertainty in the air wasn’t just the result of good acting. The actress said: 

It was heavy. It was a heavy scene. There was a lot of sadness in the room. No one had seen the next scripts, so even as actors we didn't know. It was like, 'Okay. Well, when am I going to get to work with all of you again as characters?' It was extremely sad.

We didn’t know it at the time, but the beginning of the end for Marjan actually came back in Episode 2 of this season, “The New Hot Mess,” when she rescued a woman whose mobile home had been stolen by her estranged husband. During the rescue, Marjan called the woman “crazy,” and in “Human Resources,” the reunited couple was back to get an apology. 


Owen on 9-1-1: Lone Star.

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It wasn’t actually an apology they wanted, though. They were hoping to take advantage of Marjan’s 5.2 million Instagram followers by having the firefighter apologize publicly and tag their GoFundMe page. With the fire department not willing to recognize that she was being extorted, Marjan chose to stand her ground, rather than bend to their wishes, and she informed Owen (Rob Lowe) that she was resigning. 

As the fire captain pointed out, she can’t unring that bell, so does that mean we’ve seen the last of Natacha Karam on the Fox drama? Probably not, according to the actress, but if and when her character returns to our screens, it sounds like it won’t be as part of the 126. Karam said:

It's not like Marjan is just going to come right back and start working at the firehouse again. That is not the arc of this season. She is gone. She's out of state. She is alone. She's off on her own adventures, which the audience will get to follow her on — but not right away.

Marjan on her own adventures? Do I smell a spinoff? Maybe that’s just wishful thinking on behalf of all the Firefox fans out there, but the show definitely seems to have set her up for exciting things to come. If nothing else, she did promise to return to see T.K. and Carlos get married — although after Carlos nearly died at the hands of a serial killer and considering the fact that he is still married, who knows when those wedding bells will ring

Hopefully it won’t be too long, both in regards to the wedding AND when we’ll see Marjan again! In the meantime, check out our 2023 TV schedule to see what premieres are coming soon.

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