9 Real Housewives Of Atlanta GIFs That You Can Use To React To Any Situation

We all know reality shows are a hotbed of ridiculous activities. But, I bet you didn’t know that sometimes you can actually learn from these cat-fight ridden, frequently less-than-stellar examples of humanity. Every now and then, the best of the reality shows will tell you exactly how to react to a myriad of life situations. And, it is possible that no reality show is better at this than The Real Housewives of Atlanta. So, let’s take a look now as the ladies of RHOA show us exactly how to give good face when presented with the best, worst and weirdest in life.

post office

1. When You Realize You Have To Go To The Post Office

She's horrified right now. Also? She's ashamed of herself and the world.


2. When You Really Want A Second Piece Of Cheesecake

Sometimes you just need to lick the air to get your cravings out of the way. Right? Wait, no one else does this? Dammit.

internet cell phone

3. When Your Dad Asks You How To “Do” The Internet on His Cell Phone From 2002

Parents are so damn cute I can hardly stand it.


4. When A Guy Tries To Hit On You And His Breath Is Like, Whoah

Gentlemen, please. Just...do better.


5. When Someone Is Trying To Remind You Of How To Write A Check

You don't have to understand what's going on, just nod and let it all pass right over you.

crazy laugh

6. When Your Ex Gets The Dog In The Divorce, Takes It Home And It Immediately Poops On Everything

One of the best feelings in life. Enjoy it!

flat tire

7. When A Driver Cuts You Off In Traffic And Gets A Flat Tire Right After

Sometimes the world is a just place.


8. When Your Computer Stalls For The Fourth Time In One Day

Actually, I recommend doing this every time your computer stalls. Right after you threaten to take it out back and beat it with a sledgehammer.


9. When The Person Who Sat Down Before You Really Wore Too Much Perfume

Let it show. Let. It. Show.

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