90 Day Fiancé Vet Deavan Clegg Reveals 3-Year-Old Son's Leukemia Diagnosis In Touching Post

Deavan Clegg interview in 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way
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Deavan Clegg has been something of a lightning rod for behind-the-scenes drama within the 90 Day Fiancé universe, with the Utah native having first appeared alongside Jihoon Lee in the first two seasons of 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way. That certainly hasn’t stopped in the time since the couple split up and exited the franchise, with Clegg being as vocal as ever, having gotten candid with claims about why they broke up, and how their relationship was all faked for television. And though Clegg only recently celebrated a victory in the custody battle against her ex, the reality star’s latest life update is of a far sadder nature, as she opened up about their son Taeyang being diagnosed with leukemia soon after his third birthday.

Having given fans a new look at Taeyang back in April 2022 ahead of turning three, Deavan Glegg took to Instagram to share the sudden news with her followers, and shared an emotional and extended explanation for what’s been happening while also seeking out fans’ prayers and support. In her words: 

I have vowed to always be 100% transparent with you guys and I am choosing to share the most vulnerable and saddest point of my life right now in hopes it can help give anyone else dealing with a similar situation some strength. I'm overcome with so much emotion and devastation to announce that my beloved son Taeyang who just celebrated his third birthday last week was just diagnosed with childhood cancer, b-cell acute lymphoblastic leukemia just a few days ago. He has already undergone multiple procedures and started chemotherapy treatment just two days ago. This is every parents absolute worst nightmare and I'm trying hard to stay strong for Taeyang, Drascilla and my baby in my tummy.

Having been at the center of several pregnancy rumors in recent years, not to mention misguided rumors regarding her miscarriage, Deavan Clegg spoke of her current pregnancy, as well as daughter Drascilla, in the midst of revealing son Taeyang's medical situation. This is certainly as stressful and harrowing a situation as any for a mother to go through, and one can only hope that Taeyang is coping with things as comfortably as can be. 

Speaking to what's yet to come for Taeyang on the road to recovery, Clegg shared an optimistic outlook and addressed the fact that she started up a fundraising campaign to help with costs for the lengthy process. As she put it:

Taeyang will need around the clock hospital care and this will be a long two year process that has a high success rate of full recovery in five years. I'm still processing all of this and asking for prayers, please. 🙏🏼 If anyone would like to donate to assist with his medical care, I would be forever grateful as this nightmare has been completely unexpected. . . . Thank you friends and supporters for your prayers, healing vibes and strength.

Anyone who wishes to donate to Deavan Clegg and Taeyang can hit up the GoFundMe campaign that was started up by her mother and , Elicia Clegg.  And check out Clegg's full post below to see the adorable three-year-old after he was hospitalized. 

Here's hoping everything turns out for the best for Taeyang and Deavan Clegg throughout the chemotherapy treatments and beyond.

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