Almost Human Episode 2 'Skin' Preview: Sexbots Ahead

Fox began their two-night Almost Human premiere event last night, which means Night 2 is tonight! And judging by the preview for “Skin,” it looks like we’ll get a better sense of how this series will operate beyond the big mystery organization arc, as it appears Kennex and Dorian have a new case to investigate. And it’s a sexy one. Or a gross one. Sexbots certainly fall into the sexy category, by sci-fi standards anyway. But are they using actual human skin to make them? Because, yuck. Unless that's not what they mean by humans' DNA being used to make the skin.

If you haven’t seen the series premiere episode, Fox should have it available to view on their website soon.

Back to “sexy,” or more to the point, back to “Skin,” as the preview suggests, tonight’s episode will have Kennex and Dorian working together to investigate a murder and high-profile case. Here’s a look at Darla Taylor as Charlene, “an Intimate Robot Companion” (or sexbot) in “Skin”:


Less sexy, here’s Kennex and Dorian hovering over a body. Is it human or a robot?


Since last night’s premiere, the theories have already begun to fly, one of which makes the Blade Runner connection and suggests that Kennex is a robot. I’ve seen that one elsewhere as well, and I kind of love it. But what about Minka Kelly’s Detective Valerie Stahl? She’s all about analyzing things and making connections. Or maybe Mackenzie Crook’s character Rudy Lom is a robot. He certainly gets along with them well enough. Let the obsessive theorizing begin!

I’d also like to point out that I love seeing Dorian making fun of how Kennex talks in that preview. It’s moments like those that I think will make Almost Human a lot of fun to watch. You can read our review of the pilot episode here.

And just for fun, for the football fans, check out this video featuring Cleatus and an MX-43:

Almost Human returns for its second episode tonight (Monday, Nov. 18) at 8:00 p.m. ET on Fox.

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