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Of all the shows on TV, American Horror Story: Hotel is probably the least likely to remind you of Thanksgiving. Since the feast-friendly holiday is tomorrow, FX wisely decided to hold off on airing a new episode, since many people are on the road and visiting with family. But check out the trailer for next week's episode, which may finally offer up some answers about one of this season's many arcs.

Looks like this might be a pretty sweet episode, in a season that hasn’t had many. Don’t get me wrong, there have been some pretty great moments in Hotel, but they’re all mashed together inside of narrative filled with roughly a million plot strands. Thankfully, this episode will focus on two of my favorite ones.

First is the Ten Commandments Killer. The mystery behind who the killer is doesn’t really matter to me, but I really like seeing the production design and special effects for those victim scenes. That’s some crazy shit. Theories exist that puts Wes Bentley’s detective in the role of the killer in a classic case of someone unknowingly hunting himself. Otherwise, I can’t imagine it being anyone else that we’re used to seeing.

Second, I'm pretty sure Evan Peters' James March is right up there with my favorite characters in this entire franchise. As such, I'm totally down with watching any episode that puts him front and center, particularly in comparison to the Countess' revolving door of lovers (of which March is actually a part). As insane as it is, I'd actually dig watching him, Sally and Lowe working together in hunting around the hotel for clues. Not quite Holmes and Watson, but these guys have a lion around for some reason.

american horror story hotel

I still have no idea what role Sally is playing in any of these other characters' lives. She and Lowe have the biggest connection, although it's based mostly on...I don't even know. Insanity and phantom lust? It'll be cool to see her and March get in each other's faces for a change. I'm interested to see just what's hiding on the other side of whatever door she's talking about. Call me crazy, but I'm thinking it'll either involve a body that's already dead, or there will be a dead body in there by the time the episode ends.

American Horror Story: Hotel will return to FX with new episodes on Wednesday, December 2, just in time for you to stop eating leftovers.