American Horror Story's Taissa Farmiga Confirmed To Return For Season 3

One more piece of the anticipated third season of American Horror Story has fallen into place. We heard previously that Taissa Farmiga was in talks to return to the series for the yet-to-be-titled third season. Today comes word that she's officially signed on. Farmiga joins Lily Rabe, Sarah Paulson, Evan Peters and Jessica Lange among the previously confirmed AHS vets who will be back for Season 3.

Farmiga played Violet in the first season of the FX series. Her teen character got caught up in a dark romance with Evan Peters' character Tate. TVLine says Farmiga has signed on for a brand new character in Season 3, and that the role reportedly involves a big romance and will figure prominently in the mysterious third season.

From what Ryan Murphy has hinted about Season 3 already, the season will be "more historical in nature," though it'll be set in modern day. The latter part of that vague description seems particularly fitting with the return of Farmiga, as Season 1 also had a modern day setting, though it did include numerous flashbacks from different points in time.

I was a fan of Farmiga's Violet in the first season. The character came off as sort of your average girl, pretty and vulnerable but not weak. There was an angsty side to Violet, which was fitting for a teen girl caught between her parents' marital struggles, and miserable and lonely in her new town, but I think Farmiga played that well, and it worked as we watched her developing relationship with the very troubled, not-entirely-living Tate. It's exciting to learn she's on board to return for Season 3 and I can't wait to see how her character fits into the show.

Kelly West
Assistant Managing Editor

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