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After the better part of a decade with no promising news, all of the recently released details about Netflix's upcoming Gilmore Girls revival would be overwhelming if they weren’t so exciting. It seems like every day has brought word of familiar faces being recruited for the four-part trip back to Stars Hollow. The latest word is that Emily Kuroda will be reprising her role as Lane’s mother, often called Mrs. Kim, in the Gilmore Girls revival.

Mrs. Kim

For any who have forgotten, Emily Kuroda’s character of Mrs. Kim had a habit of stealing every scene she appeared in. Incredibly strict with a fondness for dealing in antiques, Mrs. Kim was a funny and formidable force to be reckoned with in Stars Hollow. TVLine’s report that Kuroda will be a part of the revival promises that the world of Gilmore Girls will feel as complete in 2016 as it did when the show went off the air in 2007.

Mrs. Kim making a return for the revival has been a dream for many fans ever since it was confirmed that Keiko Agena would be coming back as Lane Kim. Lane’s role as Rory’s BFF in the original series meant that Agena would almost certainly play a significant role in the revival, and Lane just wouldn’t feel right without her super strict mom around to foil her exploits.

Emily Kuroda joins what feels like most of the rest of the original cast in returning to Stars Hollow. Gilmore Girls has managed to lock down an awful lot of the key players from the seven seasons of the show. Considering that the revival will be taking place in real time (sort of), catching up with Lorelai and Rory eight years or so after the series finale of Gilmore Girls in 2007, the series surely could have gotten away with certain characters just not being in the area to interact with the leading ladies anymore. But the effort that has been put into bringing back everybody ranging from all of Rory’s main love interests to Mrs. Kim is a sign that the four installments will be a treasure trove of delights for fans who have waited so long for more Gilmore Girls.

Of course, the installments won’t be the same as the episodes of the original series. Each will run for ninety minutes and feel like mini-movies. Considering that each will chronicle a different season over the course of a year, we can’t count on all of the returning characters appearing in all four of the episodes. Hopefully, though, Mrs. Kim will be able to pop in and steal scenes from time to time in more than just one.

Production is currently underway on the Gilmore Girls revival, so it will still be some time before we get to see Stars Hollow back on our screens with new material. Luckily, all seven seasons of the Gilmore Girls are available streaming on Netflix, so there’s plenty of rewatching that we can do to prepare for the return.
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