Arrow's Stephen Amell Gives Fans A Peek At Production With 'Day In The Life' Video

There's no new Arrow tonight, but fans still have reason to celebrate. Stephen Amell hit a million fans on his Facebook page, and as promised, he delivered a video that gives us a glimpse at a day in his life shooting Arrow. The video features members of the crew, as well as David Ramsey, who plays Diggle on the CW series, and Caity Lotz, who plays Sara/Canary. In terms of the footage in the video, Amell doesn't reveal much from the production, which isn't surprising. The shot of the script reveals that they're shooting Episode 18, titled "Deathstroke":

Deathstroke script

Earlier this month, Arrow executive producer Andrew Kreisberg told EW that Episode 18 would "act as a bit of a mid-midseason finale" as the series will be off the air for a few weeks after that one, so we should expect a cliffhanger. And this is pure speculation, but it might be safe to assume it'll be a Slade-heavy episode, given the title. That episode, incidentally, is on the schedule for April 2, and it's about five episodes away, as the series is currently on a break until next Wednesday night, when the show returns with "Time of Death."

We don't get much of a peek at what's going on in the episode, but Amell's video does give us a bit of an idea of what a day is like for him. Early morning coffee, Simon and Garfunkel in the trailer -- and the reveal that Secret Deodorant really is strong enough for a man -- and rainy, sunny weather in Vancouver. Amell's proven to be a funny guy, as evidenced by his interactions on his Facebook page, and that comes through in this video as he banters with his co-stars, including quoting Seven with Ramsey. And there was a snippet of what looked like an outtake during that part of the video where we see suited Amell (as Oliver?) smiling through his attempt to say a line that looks like "What's in the box?"...

What's in the box

I'm guessing that's a line from the episode and Amell had trouble getting through it because it's too heavily associated with the end of Seven. Or after repeatedly quoting it with Ramsay, it's now hard to say without laughing.

In addition to showing Amell joking with Lotz about her Canary costume, her "assets" and his favorite female superhero, the video also shows him doing those amazing pull-ups on the salmon ladder. That's something he showed us in the preview for this video, but who doesn't want to watch that over and over?

It's a fun featurette and a great reward from Amell to his loyal fans who helped him get to a million Facebook followers. You can follow him on Facebook here. And if you're looking for some details and spoilers from next week's "Time of Death," check out our photo gallery here and even more details in the full episode description.

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