As we saw during last night's episode of Big Brother, the houseguests were in for a surprise when Pandora's Box was once again opened. Someone else won a luxury prize since then. We have the latest batch of Live Feed spoilers to offer you, including the Veto winner's luxury prize, and the Veto Ceremony results.

Spoilers from the live feed ahead, including who won the Veto and whether or not they used it!

As we reported previously, Shane won the Power of Veto. In addition to the option to take himself off the block, the Veto also came with a luxury prize. Shane was able to take a houseguest with him to a mystery outing. He selected Danielle and the two left the house together, leaving Dan, Ian and Jenn inside to hang out and speculate what the big trip was. They thought it might be the MTV Video Music Awards (obviously not knowing that already took place).

The clue said something about getting to meet or see stars from "the biggest event of the summer," so outside speculation was that it had something to do with the Olympics. But I don't think the houseguests even considered that, and since they've been in the house since well before the Olympics, that's not that surprising. Sure enough, when Danielle and Shane returned, they revealed that they went to a show featuring the U.S. women's gymnastic team (a.k.a. The Fierce Five). They said they got to meet the gymnasts and they gave them signed cereal boxes. So, we should expect an episode segment featuring the gymnasts, probably this Wednesday night.

And then, of course, there's the Veto. With Shane winning the Veto, Dan and Danielle's plans to evict Shane will have to be put on hold. Talking him into not using the Veto probably would've drawn suspicion, and while Shane hasn't exactly proven to be a strategic mastermind, I can't imagine he's actually consider not using it. So with that, Ian's faced with the decision to put up Dan or Danielle.

Dan and Danielle had discussed this and both were more or less in agreement that Danielle should be the one to go up. Or rather, Dan had Danielle convinced that this was the better plan, which it is, as Shane could probably be more easily talked into voting to evict Dan than he would Danielle. Then again, who really knows? The only person who seems determined to see the Quack Pack make it to the Final Four is Ian.

The Veto Ceremony took place today and when the feeds came back on, from what's been said, Shane took himself off the block and Ian put Danielle up as a replacement. She isn't thrilled to be on the block and Jenn doesn't seem thrilled that she's up against Danielle. Danielle went to Dan to talk about the situation and from what he says to her, she shouldn't be worried, but then again, it's Dan talking, so who knows? Given what we saw during last night's episode, I wouldn't be surprised if he was plotting her demise.

Meanwhile, Jenn spoke with both Ian and Shane (separately), and it seems like she's going to try to do some campaigning to try to win them over. Ian's HoH, but if there's a tie, he'll vote to break it. Shane already told her his mind isn't made up. He may just be saying that to appease her, but maybe he's really willing to consider keeping Jenn and evicting Danielle?

The Quack Pack alliance should keep Danielle safe and Jenn will go next. But if people decide to vote based on competition wins, Danielle could very well be sent packing. Once again, anything can happen!

CBS' recent promo says the final four will be named on Wednesday. From the houseguests' conversations, it doesn't sound like they realize this week's next eviction is coming early.

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