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We're expecting the live feeds go out tomorrow as the next houseguest is evicted in a taped episode that will air on Wednesday night, bringing the houseguests from five to four. For those who don't want to be spoiled on who won the Veto, read no further! This article contains spoilers from the Big Brother live feeds!

As we reported previously, McCrae won the Veto, which was the exact thing no one else wanted to happen. Well, no one in the house. At this point, it's McCrae vs. the Exterminators, which makes him my pick to win right now. He scored some points with me during Sunday night's episode when he revealed in the diary room that he's aware that Andy's probably the one who flipped and voted out Amanda, and that he thinks Andy, Judd and Spencer are working together. He proves he's not entirely oblivious to what's going on.

I'm not exactly sure when the Veto Ceremony took place today, but based on the houseguests' conversation, McCrae used it on himself and Spencer put Judd up in his place.

If Spencer had any chance of redeeming himself as a gamer in my eyes, he would've put Andy up. He seems to know that Andy has a lot of friends in the jury, and they should all be aware that Andy's a schemer, but for some reason, no one pushed to get him up. Well, Judd kind of did, but Judd was also so certain he was going to go up in McCrae's place that I feel like he almost made that happen just by wallowing over it. Judd is likable, and he's perceptive, but his game is about on par with Spencer's. Except Spencer's never been evicted.

It's hard to tell who's going to go home tomorrow, and we probably won't know until Wednesday night when the episode airs. I hate feeds-blackouts. It seems like Andy and Spencer have been giving Judd the impression they're going to evict GinaMarie, but I don't really know if either of them have decided that just yet. The fact that Spencer put up Judd and not Andy makes me think he's at least considering Judd as an option to leave. And Spencer will vote if it's a tie.

I've said this already before but I'll say it again, I wouldn't put it past Andy to intentionally send the vote to a tie. He's been playing a sneaky game so far, and he might want to keep his hands relatively clean this week. If McCrae votes one way and Andy votes the other, Spencer decides who goes.

Right now there's some tension between McCrae and Judd. It seems like something happened between those two, possibly during the Veto ceremony. Either Judd's lost all hope that he's staying, which is entirely possible, or he thinks by acting angry at McCrae, Spencer and Andy will want to keep him because they know he's targeting McCrae. Will it work? I don't know, but it's probably working to piss McCrae off, which might mean McCrae will vote to evict him. I think he'd do that anyway since he knows the three guys are working together. Update: Just saw a conversation with McCrae and Judd in which McCrae assured Judd he was voting to keep him, so it looks like this whole situation might be an act, and that these two have a deal. Whether or not McCrae is seriously going to vote to keep Judd, there's no way to know for sure, unless he tells GM about this arrangement.

As for Andy and Spencer, it's hard to say what they'll do.

Pros to keeping GinaMarie from Andy and Spencer's perspective: She's loyal. She'll push to get McCrae out for the next eviction if she has the opportunity. Also, she hurt her foot, her knee and her hand due to various injuries sustained in the house and during the recent Veto competition, so she won't be at her best in comps. Then again, GM's tough enough not to let that stuff hold her back and they know that.

Pros to keeping Judd from Andy and Spencer's perspective is that he's easily disheartened. He seems to give up when he thinks all hope is lost. We haven't seen the Veto comp yet, but from what some people said, it sounds like he just gave up on that. They might feel like they have a better chance at beating him in competitions because of that. Cons is that I don't think any of them trust him to be loyal to them individually.

Of course, it's hard to tell how either Andy or Spencer are leaning because with so few people in the house, it's hard to tell who's lying and who's telling the truth in conversations. Except for GinaMarie. I'm pretty sure she's always saying exactly what she's thinking.

So we probably won't know who goes until Wednesday night's episode, but it'll either be Judd or GinaMarie. After that, we're down to the Final Four, and that's the week where the Veto counts the most, as the Veto winner alone determines who goes.

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