Tonight's episode of Big Brother is expected to reveal the nomination ceremony, and possibly also the Battle of the Block competition. With a new competition in the mix, it's hard to know exactly how this will impact the scheduling of events until a full week's cycle plays out. With that in mind, we have all of the updates through the Veto competition, so this article most definitely contains spoilers, not only for tonight's episode, but Wednesday's as well! If you don't want to find out what's been going on in the Big Brother house since the feeds came on, read no further!

Ok, let's get to the updates. As we reported last week, Frankie's nominees -- it sounds like they were Brittany and Victoria -- won Battle of the Block, saving themselves and dethroning Frankie. However, Frankie has maintained residence in the Head of Household suite, thanks to Caleb's generosity, and an alliance called the Bomb Squad. More on that in a moment. Caleb's nominees were Donny and Paola. The Veto competition -- sounds like the spell-a-word comp -- took place and Donny won, so he will be taking himself off the block.

As of right now, the Veto ceremony has not taken place yet, however based on what's transpired in the house, it sounds like Caleb plans to replace Donny with Joey. Yes, Team America may already be in jeopardy!


There are some pieces to this puzzle that we've had to put together through references and conversation among the houseguests, because some of it took place off the feeds. It sounds like Joey did something -- possibly exposing the all-girls alliance that formed (El Quatro?) -- to rub people the wrong way earlier in the game. I'm guessing this incident took place after nominations, otherwise she would've been a prime candidate to be put on the block with the initial nominations.

Joey seems to have caught wind to the fact that she's in danger of being the Veto replacement, because yesterday (Saturday, around 5:50 p.m. on the feeds) she had a conversation with Devin about how she heard Caleb was going to be surveying the house as to who the replacement should be and making his decision based on the majority's choice. Joey then had a similar conversation with Caleb, basically saying, she heard he was going to be polling the house and how come he hasn't asked her for her opinion. Caleb seemed kind of casual about this whole thing, not really responding much to what she was saying.

Joey then made a house announcement that Caleb is asking everyone for their opinion on who he should put up during the Veto ceremony and to make sure everyone talks to him.

From everything she's said and other people have said, two things seem apparent. 1) Joey just made herself a bigger target and 2) Joey knows/thinks if Caleb really polled the house, she wouldn't be the #1 choice, Devin would. She was careful not to name his name in most conversations, but it seems like that's the person she thinks would/should be the replacement nom if the house were really deciding. My interpretation here is that Joey sees that Caleb, Amber and Devin are tight and she's trying to shine a spotlight on that by encouraging everyone to voice their own personal opinion. Then if Caleb doesn't actually do what the house wants -- assuming the house actually wants Devin out -- it exposes an alliance. The problem is, she made a big awkward spectacle doing it, which essentially makes it very easy for Caleb to put her up. But if he was going to do that anyway, maybe she had nothing to lose by doing this.

And Devin and Caleb are in an alliance. They're actually two members of an 8-person alliance called The Bomb Squad. I'm pretty sure this alliance formed before the feeds came on, but Wet Paint has the names listed as Amber, Christine, Devin, Frankie, Caleb, Zach, Cody and Derrick, and everything I've seen of game-conversations within the Big Brother house seem to point toward that being accurate. But I'm very curious to see the honesty in this ridiculously-sized megalliance as it's presented individually in the diary rooms, because we're already seeing side conversations from certain Bomb Squad members that imply smaller sub-alliances within the group. Regardless, it's that alliance that may be keeping Devin safe for now. And though Caleb can't vote, he's the only person within the Bomb Squad that can't, which means if they all vote the same way, the Bomb Squad decides who goes home this week (16 houseguests, 2 nominees, 1 HoH, 13 vote, safe nominee needs at least 7 votes).

Whether or not Joey's a lock to go home definitely depends on how the week goes. It's also not even a lock that she'll go up at all, as something could change between now and the Veto ceremony. Right now, she's not technically on the block, so this is all based on conversation. We'll hopefully get more insight into the things that happened pre-Feeds during tonight's episode of Big Brother, which airs at 8:00 p.m. ET on CBS.

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