All good things must come to an end! That also applies to fizzling Big Brother twists. Spoiler alert: If you haven't seen tonight's Big Brother episode yet, read no further!

Ok, Team America may not have officially come to an end yet. That remains to be seen. But it's no longer a trio at present, as the house sent Donny packing tonight. He left on a unanimous vote, leaving Nicole to survive her first week back.

Other highlights of the episode:

Team America: FAIL

They were given the news that their "Broadway play" during the live feeds earlier this week -- a mission concocted by Frankie, who was convinced that America would much prefer a few minutes of goofy impressions to saving Donny -- during the live episode. The code word was "Apple Pie." As they were instructed prior to the episode, one of Team America would be asked by Julie what food they'd like if they were a have not and they had to answer "Apple Pie." Julie's response to this would inform them of whether or not they passed their mission.

Julie asked Frankie the question. He gave her the apple pie answer, and she told him "an overwhelming no." In other words, this mission didn't even come close to passing. And did they really think it would?

I don't really think Derrick or Frankie really took Team America into consideration when it came to whether or not Donny should stay or go. Sure, they both imply as much, but what it came down to for them was likely the game, and that's ok. They shouldn't need to put their games on the line just to keep this twist together. With that said, the whole "twist" with Team America is the element of risk. The Neighborhood Watch thing factored in there, somewhat, as it prompted shenanigans, which is something that always sounds alarms for suspicious (paranoid) players. Case-in-point: Zach being blamed and called a saboteur.

This way-off Broadway play wouldn't have been worth $5k unless they kept it going for like ten hours or some other extended period of time, and even then, it pales by comparison to making a real game move and calling it the mission. So no $5k. And it should be very interesting to see how Frankie and Derrick react to this when they have a chance to in private.

Family Matters.

Filler for the episode included a tearjerking segment during the live show, during which time each of the houseguests got to see a message from loved ones. It was a total cry fest. All of the houseguests -- and at least one viewer -- teared up watching the videos. Derrick's adorable daughter really got me, I admit it. I can't imagine what it's like for these houseguests at this point during the summer, when it's been so long since they've heard their family's voices.

The other segment directly addressed Christine's flirtmance with Cody. She's married. She's young. She's cut off from her husband and in a house with a lot of good-looking, flirty people, Cody included. And to my knowledge, the extent of their friendship is a lot of snuggling, caressing, hugging, smiling, giggling and apparently toe-biting. It's enough to have gotten people's attention, both inside and outside the house. Cody seems like an affectionate guy. He's been known to be pretty snuggly with Nicole too. But Nicole's not married. Christine is, and from what we saw in tonight's episode, her husband Tim isn't exactly super excited to see his wife being so affectionate with another man. Tim seems like a good-natured guy. Not only did he express adoration and support in his video message to Christine, but he spoke directly about the Cody situation during the pre-taped segment and it sounds like he doesn't seem angry. He's not happy about it, though and neither is Christine's mother. Awkward.

Donny Evicted.

As mentioned, Donny was booted by a unanimous vote. That wasn't for lack of trying on Frankie's part. He wasn't lying when he said he tried to save him. I really don't think Team America had much (if anything) to do with that though. Frankie is concerned about Nicole coming after him, which is probably the right instinct. Maybe he was never content to get Donny and he was just waiting until closer to eviction night to plot a last-minute flip, but the feeds were abuzz with whispers last night and again this afternoon as Frankie and Donny worked to try to flip the house.

Donny was said to have promised to target the girls (Christine and Victoria) if they kept him and sent Nicole out. And Frankie was barely masking the fact that he needed Nicole out because she's likely targeting him. Some of the conversations I heard sounded more like they were considering the scenario, but as it got closer to the time the feeds went dark, Frankie was really pushing. Cody spent a long time listening to Donny's pitch, but in the end, he has more to fear from Donny than he does Nicole. Caleb and Frankie were the only two who were actively supportive of sending Nicole out and saving Donny. Without Derrick and either Christine or Victoria, the plan wouldn't work.

Before the feeds went dark, it seemed decided that Donny would go, and Frankie was quick to pull Nicole aside and try to smooth everything over. He seemed to know she knew what was going on. I think he walked in on Cody and her when Cody was telling her what was happening today. Nicole and Frankie made nice, but this really doesn't look good for Frankie. And based on how it all turned out, it should be proof to him that he's not running this show.

I really believe if Derrick wanted Nicole to go, she'd be gone tonight, and not just because they needed his vote to make it happen. They needed his support and they didn't have it. Cody also didn't want it, and neither did Christine, but I'm fairly certain Derrick could have convinced them otherwise. Or I'm giving him too much credit. But once again, what he wanted to happen this week happened.

Donny exited the house to applause and news from Julie that he's going to guest star on The Bold and the Beautiful. An awesome consolation prize for being so well loved.

Winter in Summer

The Head of Household competition is the fill-up-the-bowl race that has the houseguests running back and forth down slippery lanes, filling up a giant fishbowl-thing. In this case, it's a winter theme with snowmen heads to be filled. For spoilers on how that's going, click to the next page. In the meantime, next week is another double eviction!


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