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The duck is in the pool! With about a week to go until the start of the 15th season of Big Brother, we finally get a look a the inside of the new house. And that means that it probably won't be long at all before the houseguests move in, assuming they haven't already. The theme of the Big Brother Season 15 house appears to be mid-century modern. Think Mad Men with a bigger appreciation for architecture than for advertising, and a bit of airport/Catch Me If You Can flair.

ET shared the video above, which has series host Julie Chen touring the house and talking about some of the twists. Here are a few things Julie shared during her tour of the house. There are 16 spots on the memory wall. As the series is running a couple weeks longer than usual, there will be more houseguests. There are also no designated nomination seats in the living room. Chen teases that this is intentional, though she doesn't explain why. We also learn that America will play a role in nominations this season. Or rather, "America will play a role, where it affects nominations" and she adds "every week" when she refers it afterward, so it sounds like it's a set twist for the season and not just the earlier weeks of the game. Then again, who really knows? We get no specifics there, but I'm guessing it won't be as cut and dry as America making one or both nominations. That format didn't work so well in the series' first season, I doubt they'd revert back to it now.

I'm loving the retro look of the house, though I'm curious about the bed situation. It looks like there are quite a few full-size beds and not so many singles. In fact, considering how many people there are living in that house, there don't seem to be a lot of beds. Will everyone be paired up in their sleeping arrangements this season? If so, is it possible this is a couples season? They've done a match-making season before (blah) and one where each houseguest comes in playing with a secret partner. It's possible this season's twist will be that people are coming in with a non-secret partner. Meaning, everyone's playing with a buddy or possibly a family member. It's a theory. We'll have to wait and see. In the meantime, THR has screenshots of the house if you want to get a better look at the colorful theme.

We learned previously that CBS would be hosting the live feeds this season. You can still get in on the discounted subscription at Live feeds for Season 15 begin June 26 after the premiere episode airs on the West Coast.

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