James Spader Is Insane

Well this one may just be stating the obvious but, hoo lord, is that James Spader a talent. He is, without question, batshit insane on the show, a fact that lends itself to a truly captivating endeavor to watch. Because Reddington is no run-of-the-mill criminal: he has the credentials of an FBI wunderkind coupled with the captivating cunning of the worst of society. (To say nothing of his impressive and well-curated hat collection.)

Spader is a truly dynamic actor. In any other hands, Reddington’s laissez-faire attitude could easily come across as cloying, annoying, and wholly unbelievable. But there is literally never a time that Reddington isn’t cool as a cucumber with some serious visible heat bubbling right below the surface. The show lives and dies on the convincing way Reddington wades through the worlds of “good” and “bad,” and makes a pretty interesting (and dare we say it, logical) case as to why people sometimes live their lives outside of the law. It’s not an easy thing to ask of an actor, but Spader is far from a slouch — committing 150% and we’ll be damned if he isn’t wholly believable as a criminal mastermind. He’s got crazy behind those eyes, and we’re loving every second of trying to decipher it.

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