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Big, big news on the Netflix front today, folks. Netflix has scored a fairly major coup by adding every episode of every Star Trek series (except Deep Space Nine) to its streaming catalogue. That's right, every episode of TOS, every episode of The Next Generation. Every episode of, err, Voyager and Enterprise. But let's not hold those last two against them.

The addition of Trek is part of a massive catalogue update that's arrived with the first of the month today, including movies such as Let Me In and Secretariat (and stay tuned to FlixWorthy where we'll be highlighting the best new titles in future weeks). While the Trek series are still in syndication all over the cable landscape, the ease and convenience of having them all a button click away is a huge coup for Netflix, and a boon for nerds with too much time on their hands this summer. Between this and the impending arrival of Mad Men, it's a good time to be a Netflix customer. Now if they could just talk HBO into signing over their catalogue...

Of course, one can't help but notice the absence of Deep Space Nine. In a way it's not surprising, since the show was always the odd duck of the Trek franchise. But given the quality of many of the episodes, it's a shame, too. Presumably there's some obscure legal or contractual reason behind the absence, but we can only hope that Sisco and company will eventually get their due and join their fellows in the queues of Trekkies everywhere.

Here are quick links so you can begin feeding your Trek addiction posthaste.

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