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There are two new teasers for the upcoming second half of the final season of Breaking Bad and the first one (above) barely needs to be a video to get its message across or to give us chills as we consider what might be ahead for the series. The sight of Dean Norris' Hank Schrader behind the wheel, looking so angry his head might actually explode as his eyes stare dead ahead reminds us of the revelation the DEA agent had while spending a bit of alone time on the throne at the White house. W.W. is not Walt Whitman. Not where it counts, anyway. The teaser reminds us that all bad things must come to an end - a message delivered to us on the previously released teaser poster - and unfortunately that includes Breaking Bad, which is halfway through its fifth and final season, with the second half - consisting of eight episodes - set to debut on AMC on August 11. Check the calendar and you'll see that it's not less than a month away. In the words of Jesse Pinkman, Yeah, bitch!

EW posted the above teaser video, which may be a glimpse of Hank's reaction to learning that the man he's been searching for - a man who's caused some major trouble in both Hank's personal and professional life, either directly or indirectly - has not only been under his nose the whole time, but is also his brother-in-law, a man he trusts like family. There are probably layers to Hank's anger, and I really hope we get to see all of them peeled away. Based on the poster that debuted last month, Walt's looking pretty angry too.

Hank's relationship with Walt is just one thing to look forward to about Season 5.5. We also have to wait and see how things are with Jesse and Walt. I'm not sure what to make of the Jesse teaser, but it's taken from a classic Breaking Bad angle.

Jesse's looking through his coffee table and then a cockroach scampers across. Taken literally, maybe Jesse's living situation isn't in such good shape, which could be a sign that things aren't going so well for him. Metaphorically, is Jesse the bug that's going to be squashed? Is Jesse going to be bugged as a way for the DEA to take Walt down? Or is Jesse like a cockroach in that he'll be the only person to make it out of this whole mess unscathed? Or maybe that's meant to apply to someone else. Walt's overcome a number of near-death situations, cancer included. Maybe he's the cockroach…

Breaking Bad returns August 11 on AMC.

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