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We're coming up on the one-week countdown to the return of Breaking Bad for its final eight episodes. With that in mind, AMC has released this helpful 3-minute video, which looks back on where the fifth season left off last year. Watching the above video, which does a solid job of reminding us where each character left off, but really only offers a few snippets from each interlinked plot line within the series, it's become very clear to me that I need to rewatch the previously aired eight episodes to refresh myself on what's been going on in the lives and work of Walt, Jesse, Skylar, Hank, Todd and Lydia. Fortunately, Netflix has remedied that situation by posting the first eight episodes of the fifth and final season of the series. Just in time!

Where has everyone left off leading into the last eight episodes? Walt and Skylar are trying to get things back to normal, at least one the surface. Meanwhile, it seems like Lydia and Walt have struck a deal to take Heisenberg's blue meth global. Jesse's ready to move on, but is he really out? And Hank knows! Or it seems like he does. I'll be interested to see how that major cliffhanger picks up. Will we see Hank digging for proof? Will he have already found proof? Or will he be in the process of trying to talk himself out of this ludicrous idea that his seemingly timid schoolteacher brother-in-law is also secretly cooking drugs and causing mayhem all over the place?

Actual footage from the second half of the last season has been scarce, though the panel attendees at Comic-Con last month got an eyeful of the first few minutes of the series' return. Read Eric's description of that here. The panel at Comic-Con also revealed that Chris Hardwick will be hosting Talking Bad, the post-episode talk show. And those of us who have been itching for the series' return have also been entertained by the footage of Bryan Cranston walking around Comic-Con dressed as Heisenberg. If you haven't seen that yet, watch the Letterman clip below!

And finally, as mentioned, the first eight episodes of Season 5 are now available streaming on Netflix, for those of us who need a more thorough refresher of what went down before the show went on its too-long hiatus.

Breaking Bad returns Sunday, August 11 at 9/8c on AMC.

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