Because it wasn't among the comedy series included on NBC's 2012-2013 primetime line-up, I had the impression the Schrute-focused Office spin-off was off the table. Apparently, a decision won't be made until Season 9 of The Office is underway. In the meantime, some information on the other Schrutes set to be featured in the potential Office offshoot has emerged, which gives us a slightly clearer picture of what the show would be able.

As we previously learned, the potential Office spin-off in development is set to focus on Dwight Schrute and his family. TV Line says the potential spin-off will be introduced to viewers with an episode of The Office at some point during the NBC series' ninth season, after which NBC will make its decision as to whether or not to green light it to series.

Some (probably man) fans consider this project to be coming in a bit too late, with The Office well past its prime at this point in its existence. As an optimist and a faithful fan of Rainn Wilson's portrayal of Dwight K. Schrute, I can't help but be a mixture of curious and hopeful that there's something to the concept of a Schrute-focused spinoff. Time will tell. In the meantime, TV Line also got the skinny on some of the characters set to be featured in the series, which will have some of the Schrutes joining together on a business venture after inheriting a farm/bed & breakfast.

There's Dwight's younger sister Fannie Scrhute and her son (Dwight's nephew) Cameron. Fannie is described as late-20s/early-30s and from the sound of it, a left-leaning woman who left the farm as soon as she could and headed to the city (Boston). Her son Cameron is 9 and described as "smart and slightly weird." He apparently finds himself drawn to his Schrute heritage, despite having grown up (so far) in the city.

Jeb is another one of Dwight's siblings. He's described as easy going and thirty something, and has had various failed career endeavors, like big foot hunting and worm breeding. He's apparently done a bit better with a pot farm. He apparently doesn't have Dwight's work ethic, which could make for an interesting character clash. At least he knows something about farming, right?

Finally, there's Heinrich Manheim, a great uncle who's described as "charming, greedy" and "manipulative." He may have it in for Dwight, and not just in a Jim-prank sort of way. There's apparently a death threat involved.

TV Line notes that there's no mention of Mose at this point. It's entirely possible that Michael Schur will be too busy with Parks and Recreation to participate in the Scrhute-spin-off, should it come to pass. In a way, that might actually be for the best. On The Office, Mose is sort of a mystery of a character and attempts to develop him further by making him into something more than just the occasional amusing guest-appearance, as he is in The Office, might spoil that. But perhaps he'll visit the new Schrute farm once in a while if NBC ends up moving forward with this series. Better that than recasting him, anyway.

At this point, it sounds like they've already got the characters' stories shaped, at least in a general sense. It should be interesting to see what they put together for this Season 9 episode and whether or not the concept shows potential to be its own series.

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