Da Vinci’s Demons ended its first season run on an explosive note, cutting fans off just as some major action was on the way. After basically arising from what audiences assumed was death, Giulino (Tom Bateman) came to the aid of his brother, only to be struck down a second time by Riario’s (Blake Ritson) men. Espionage, betrayals, violence, and hints about a new land were all crowded into the finale, and now that we’ve gotten a first look at Season 2 of Da Vinci’s Demons, we feel it is safe to say Starz’s drama won’t be slowing down a bit.

Really, it’s the eve of the weekend, so you really should just go ahead and give the above video a shot. If you do happen to be in a situation where you can’t play the Season 2 preview, I’ll sum it up the very best that I can. The series begins with a bonfire in the Italian streets. Da Vinci (Tom Riley) meets with a mystic, who chides him for the steps he has taken stating, “You’ve allowed your sympathy to blind you to the greater struggle.” It’s all very chilling, and even darker than some of the stuff that came our way in Season 1. In fact, the first season of the drama was often witty and more often outright amusing, so I hope we do end up getting some of that in Season 2, even if the trailer is going for the dramatic.

As the trailer continues, we get hints that the Vatican is up to shenanigans again, and we see several hangings in the streets. Eventually, Da Vinci comes to the realization that he must “search for an ancient, hidden wisdom that men have died protecting.” Honestly, the trailer is 2 minutes and 41 seconds long, but while it gives us a slew of glimpses at the new season, it doesn’t really give us a huge hint about what will go down, plot-wise, in Season 2. I honestly think that is fitting, since Da Vinci’s Demons is often a show that is full of riddles, but I could see some viewers wanting something a little more straightforward out of the trailer.

We do get to see that some key players will be returning, including Da Vinci, Riario, Lucrezia (Laura Haddock), and Lorenzo (Elliot Cowan). The new season is expected to premiere in the spring of 2014, and since the drama hit the schedule in April of this year, I wouldn’t be shocked if we’ll see it in April next year, as well. The new season has actually been a long time coming. Starz renewed the drama after just one episode aired and did well on the network, which is a little bit similar to what the network has done with programs like Boss and Magic City.

If you’ve been wanting to catch the first season of the historical reimagining, it’s already available in full via a multitude of platforms, including Blu-ray and DVD. You can check out the sets and the full list of bonus features or even check out our review of the set. Additionally, the premiere episode of the drama is still available to watch for free over at Starz.

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