A Chicago P.D. Actor Just Left The NBC Drama

Warning: Spoilers ahead for the Season 3 finale of Chicago P.D.

If you’re a fan of Chicago P.D. and were hoping that Officer Sean Roman would forget having a new life in sunny San Diego and stick around the Windy City to continue courting his partner Kim Burgess, you are sadly out of luck. Brian Geraghty, who portrays Roman, has decided to leave the show behind and will not be a series regular in Season 4.

A report from TVLine states that the actor was ready to move on by the half-way point of Season 3, and expressed his wishes to the producers of the show. The executive producer of Chicago P.D., Dick Wolf, was the one who originally brought the actor in for the role of Sean Roman and the show made sincere efforts to get him to sign on. Wolf even allowed Geraghty to sign onto the show on a year by year basis, whereas actors who are regulars on TV shows generally sign seven year contracts to solidify their commitment to the series.

Brian Geraghty is an actor and producer who made his first appearance on TV in another popular Dick Wolf property, the original Law & Order, in 1999. The actor went on to lend his talents to film and TV projects like Ed, Jarhead, Art School Confidential, The Hurt Locker, True Blood, Boadwalk Empire and Ray Donovan. He was an executive producer on the 2015 film The Stanford Prison Experiement, which was nominated for the dramatic feature Grand Jury Prize at the 2015 Sundance Film Festival and won four other awards from film festivals worldwide.


Roman has had quite the ride since he first joined the Chicago Police Department’s 21st District. He is partnered with Burgess and soon finds himself inadvertently getting a colleague into trouble when the security business he runs puts Antonio on a job that turns out to have him protecting a felon who ends up murdered on Antonio’s watch. He and Burgess are later tasked with, unbeknownst to them, watching over a group of juvenile delinquents, and while Roman has a confrontation with another officer, the kids get away and steal the commander’s squad car.

The character also has a habit of getting assigned to female partners and then falling in love with them. When he was faced with working with one of his former partners again, their argument while on a call leads to Burgess getting shot. Roman, though, has had his share of serious injuries, too. The duo investigated some suspicious activity in a warehouse and came upon a drug deal that was about to go very bad. He sustained a bad head wound from the ordeal, and, most recently, was shot in the neck by a young man with an axe to grind against the cops, while he and Burgess were on a meal break. The wound ended up damaging the nerves in his hand, and he was forced to decide between leaving the department or taking a desk job. The Season 3 finale saw him leave the force, and town, ending his new relationship with Burgess.

Let’s all pour one out for Sean Roman, folks. He may not be dead, but Chicago P.D. sure won’t be the same without him.

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