Community Adds 2 Clue Actors To Play Britta's Parents

I’m not sure there’s a series on television that loves little references to pop culture more than Community. During the show’s five seasons, fans have gotten nods to everything from Claymatian to bottle episodes, and now, Community is set to take on one of the greatest comedies ever made: Clue.

According to Entertainment Weekly, Martin Mull and Lesley Ann Warren have signed on to appear in an upcoming Season 6 episode. In it, they’ll play Britta’s parents George and Deb Perry. Given any other show, we might wonder if the Clue connection was a big coincidence or even if it would be addressed, but since we’re dealing with Community, we can expect the angle to be as straight on as Psych’s Clue Episode.

Martin Mull and Lesley Ann Warren played Colonel Mustard and Miss Scarlett in Clue. In the film, they have a pretty negative, almost adversarial relationship, likely stemming from Mustard visiting Scarlett’s house if ill-repute and her unwillingness to let that go.

The great thing about Community is how impossible the ultimate direction of this episode is to predict. Sure, we know Clue will be referenced, but does that mean that’ll be in the form of endless Clue-related discussions? 1+2+1+1? Does that mean the characters will actually play Clue? Does that mean one of the students at Greendale will be murdered? Please God, let it be that last one. It’s not that I want to see anyone actually go, but I would love to watch everyone racing around the halls like chickens with their heads cut off while trying to track down the killer. There could even be a sideplot about the campus security guards having to rise to the challenge and solve the case themselves? My mind is already running away from me.

After years of low ratings, NBC finally canceled Community about six months ago. Fortunately, it was miraculously saved by Yahoo in a streaming agreement that would see the show finally hit the first portion of its long-time six seasons and a movie goal! Exactly how the show might change with Yahoo in the mix, however, is unclear. In theory, the content could get more graphic and edgier, but that doesn’t necessarily mean it will. Beyond that, it’s unclear whether there will be any alterations to budget, vision or tone. Well just have to wait and see.

You’ll be able to catch Community on Yahoo in the winter of 2015.

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