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The success of Netflix and Marvel’s first TV venture, Daredevil, can not be overstated. In addition to creating an entire television universe, Daredevil was also renewed for a second season just two weeks after the Season 1 was released in its entirety. Since it’s been nearly a year since we last got to see Matt Murdock’s adventures, fans of the series have been eagerly anticipating what we’ll be shown in Season 2. Well, Netflix has just released a new teaser that reveals a major plot for the upcoming season. Check it out:
Aside from being visually captivating, this teaser seems to be very telling as to the plot of Daredevil Season 2. Let’s break it down.

One of the best aspects of Netflix’s Daredevil is the focus on realism in a world full of superheroes. While Matt Murdock might have super senses and be an accomplished martial artist, he still gets pretty damn beat up. Additionally, the cast is comprised of mostly everyday characters, which ensures that the series doesn’t get too unbelievable. Both Foggy and Karen help to keep Matt Murdock, as well as Daredevil as a whole, grounded.

Foggy and Matt’s relationship got to have quite the arc in Daredevil’s first season. While the series began with the two simply being buddies and business partners, we were soon given conflict that made Foggy much more captivating. Once Matt’s secret double life was revealed, he also began telling Foggy about his abilities and the various lies he told his best friend throughout their years together. The remainder of the season saw Foggy struggling to interact with his best friend, questioning their relationship, and also feeling the burden of knowing the truth behind Daredevil. 

While Foggy and Matt seemed to have reconciled their relationship by the end of Season 1, it now appears that their issues aren’t completely resolved. After all, the teaser is paired with the text “Friendship Will Be Tested” so it can be assumed that Foggy’s strong moral compass will once again conflict with the work of the Daredevil.

With Punisher promising to add more violence and make Matt question his own set of morals, perhaps Daredevil will be tempted by an even darker world. The teaser had Foggy hearing gunshots, which is perhaps a metaphor for Foggy hearing Punisher’s influence on his best friend. 

It’s also interesting to note that the text says that one friendship, rather than multiple friendships will be tested. So, how does Karen fit into Season 2? She’s always been a big supporter of Daredevil’s work, so perhaps she will be on his side once again. Additionally, she’s carrying her own secret due to her self-defense murder of Fisk’s henchman Wesley. Maybe we will see her tempted by the lifestyle of the underworld. Or she’s too busy feeling guilty and grappling with PTSD that she doesn’t have the time to have her friendships tested. 

Daredevil will release its second season on March 18th on Netflix.