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From the moment Disney announced it was purchasing LucasFilm, the chatter about new Star Wars movies has been practically incessant. From who would write them, direct them and star in them to what characters the movies would incorporate or introduce, tens of thousands of theories have been thrown out there. Mostly lost in the shuffle has been plans for new Star Wars-related television shows. The studio has confirmed the desire in the past, but if a new set of rumors are to be believed, the Mouse House might actually be casting the projects already.

According to Cinelinx, executives have started to look for actors to star in not only Episode VII but also some untitled live action television specials and possibly even a miniseries. The outlet is speculating one of the projects might be the long-rumored Darth Vader special, but without any studio confirmation, that’s pure speculation at this point. In fact, the entire idea of concrete projects beyond the previously announced Star Wars Rebels is pure speculation.

Here’s a list of things we know for sure…

#1) Disney purchased LucasFilm for more than $4 billion with the idea being they would eventually turn a profit.
#2): Even if the movies grossed $1 billion each, it would require at least 8 (but probably more like 16) to even break even on the initial investment.
#3) Disney is very interested in television programs right now, having recently approved a deal with Netflix to put together a large number of shows based on superheroes.
#4) Disney has publically admitted it’s interested in the idea of Star Wars television shows.

Given all of that, it’s almost a guarantee live action shows based on characters in this universe will happen at some point, but as for whether the casting process has already begun, we just don’t have enough information. And if there’s one thing we should have all learned from Disney by now, it’s they’re not going to comment on something until they’re good and ready for it to be made public.

To find out exactly where we’re at on Star Wars: Episode 7, check out this handy dandy guide. Or to have a look at the greatest television show ever based on Star Wars, you can take a look at the trailer below for the brilliant and sadly underwatched Clone Wars

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