At the beginning of the month, Kim Kardashian appeared in the Season 4 premiere of Drop Dead Diva playing a relationship expert who meddles in Stacy and Fred’s relationship. The role continued into the next several episodes with Kardashian’s character changing professions and personalities drastically. Kardashian’s role may have had something to do with Drop Dead Diva’s ratings increase, which bumped up 41% during the season opener. As a competing network, Lifetime should like those numbers, but apparently, they liked Kim’s portrayal of Nikki, too, because they are asking her back later this season.

THR is reporting Kardashian is set to return for the second-to-last episode of the season for Lifetime’s hit show. She will be joined by none other than Nancy Grace, who has appeared in a guest starring capacity on the show in the past. While I am not sure Grace can beat her guest stint on Raising Hope, her tenure as herself on Drop Dead Diva will feature an interview with Jane as well as a black eye, so it certainly sounds like it will be worth tuning in for.

Additionally, Cameron Mathison (All My Children) and Ashley Jones (True Blood) are on board for guest starring roles. The former will play Jonah, a dude who claims he has a patent to Stacey’s Pakery idea. The latter will take on a pharmaceutical company during one of the legal cases on the show.

As the season continues, various plotlines seem to be heating up. You can catch the cross-section of guest stars during the show’s penultimate episode in August.

Drop Dead Diva airs on Lifetime on Sundays at 9 p.m. ET.

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