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Finally! After a handful of excellent teasers that told us very little about the actual plot of Fargo -- beyond dark humor, Minnesota and murder -- we have a proper trailer for Noah Hawley's FX drama. Guess what, it's about dark humor, Minnesota and murder! Ok, there's more to it than that, including seeing Martin Freeman as Lester Nygaard, possibly breaking his own nose, and Billy Bob Thornton Malvo suggesting he learn to stand up for himself.

Via EW, this new look at Fargo begins with Freeman's Lester looking beat up. Whether he actually did do that to himself...


Or someone hit him, we don't really know yet. But it's pretty clear that he's a timid kind of guy who might be the type to get walked all over.

We also get a look at Kate Walsh, whose character is apparently a former stripper. She's not all that upset that her husband is dead...


Until she is.




We also get a glimpse at Colin Hanks as Deputy Gus Grimly, and Adam Goldberg as Mr. Numbers...


Amidst all of that, there are more Minnesota accents and polite phrasing (For Pete's sake, Bob!) than you can shake a hockey stick at.

It looks funny. Maybe a shade or two lighter than the film in terms of the dark humor, but that could work nicely for a TV drama. Lines like "Wife made spaghetti for dinner. Seemed a shame to barf it up," seems like the right kind of dark humor, and it reminds me a bit of Marge Gunderson hunched over in the snow saying, "I just think I'm gonna barf..."

It's worth noting that the trailer hints at death and violence but doesn't actually reveal anything there, so we might expect a darker tone from the actual series than what's coming through in this trailer. But the video does tease the strong cast and humor, both of which are reasons enough to anticipate Fargo when it debuts on FX April 15.

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